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database or website for pant/shirt measurements ?

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    database or website for pant/shirt measurements ?

    Hiya all

    Question: is there a database/website for pant / shirt measurements across brands?

    For example, i know express large extra-slim fits me well. I'd like to find shirts of similar size of other brands. I can measure the shirt and then search for shirts of similar measurement, but that's tedious and a lot of brands don't list their exact sizes online.

    Similar for pants. example: What pants exist that are similar to Jcrew driggs flex chino in 32x32?

    The data could be crowd-sourced or curated, but ... is there such a website?

    Given the fact that brands are constantly changing their fits, and even the exact same item made in the same size may be differently sized than another in a different color or produced in a different factory, attempting to maintain precise fit data for a variety of brands would seem a sisyphusian task.


      Here's a shot:


        What LesserBlackDog said. Brooks Brothers just this year has dropped the Fitzgerald fit and changed the Regent somewhat in tailored clothing. Multiply that 463728255376549 times for every company and their multiple fits/lines.


          [MENTION=16757]tgfoobar[/MENTION] -- since this is your first post, you should know that measurements off of stretch clothing are not very reliable for non-stretch clothing. Taking measurements, and trying on clothing, shouldn't be tedious unless you are doing too much all at once.

          In my opinion, too many guys don't spend enough time shopping for clothes, and it reflects poorly on their appearance. For a number of reasons, it's best to buy slowly and make small changes to your wardrobe over a long period. If you devote one hour per week to shopping (not necessarily buying of course), you will be head and shoulders above the rest after one year. Developing personal style takes time, and it simply can't be rushed.

          Check out #3 on this article off the main website:


            To answer your main question, there isn't a be all end all database, no.

            Some manufacturers list the specific garment measurements on their website, while many don't. If you want to nail the fit, trying clothing on is crucial. If you're in a unique situation where you can only order online, then be sure you research the company, use their provided measurements as a guideline and ensure they have a good return policy. Still, nothing beats be able to try the item on ahead of time.


              Sounds like someone just hit upon a the next Angry Bird app. Only this one for #menswear.


                Thanks folks!

                Yes, i was indeed thinking about making the app/website if it doesn't exist. And at first i would have crowdsourced data (community enters the data), so that the effort of tracking new fits/styles/etc is spread out. Just playing with the idea.

                And yes, i agree that fits change over time for the same brand/style/garment, and there are always new styles, and there is variance in measurements on garments of the same exact official size - I'm looking at you Levi's. But data helps in that.

                Shirt Detective looks very good! I'll check it out. Now, we need a Pants detective!

                And yes, trying on clothes is the best chance. I've got a demanding job and a wife and two little kids so finding time to shop is difficult. Well, it's just not as high of a priority as some other things i want to do in my scant free time. But i DO want to find clothes that fit.