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Athletic street/formal wear for dancing

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    Athletic street/formal wear for dancing

    Hey! Understand the subject is a misnomer, but...

    So I picked up swing dancing as a hobby last summer and have been at it since then. I've come to find social dancing to be quite the work-out and during these summer months it's impossible to stay dry in regular clothes.

    Denim is a no-go and i've tried linen shirts but they end up soaking so much they become see-through. I've tried some "casual" performance apparel, like hurley's dri-fit line and they work ok, but it is over-priced and i hate wearing the same thing every week. I've heard from some experienced dancers that wool is the way to go for pants (for more formal events) but still not sure about the shirting.

    So i guess the question is, is anyone aware of a line of athletic/performance line of clothes (mainly trousers and shirting) that could work for something like this. The two occasions are the weekly dances (more dressed down) and special event saturdays (that full dressed up vintage look).

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    Check out Kit and Ace. They are made by Lululemon and designed to be dressier performance clothing with a lot of stretch. I wear them on long distance flights because they don't wrinkle, look like dress pants and feel like pajamas. I'm not sure it will keep you cool, but definitely designed for movement.

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      This is for musicians working up a sweat, essentially a biking shirt styled as a formal wear


        Outlier as well, but those are pretty pricey.