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Cleaning Canvas Shoes?

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  • Cleaning Canvas Shoes?

    Hey, I have a pair of Chuck Taylors and boat shoes. I tried cleaning the canvas with just soap, water and a rag but it didn't do much. How should I clean them? P.S There white.

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    Maybe try this


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      Resurrecting an old thread; I plan to try the oxiclean+soap+brush on my Jack Purcells, but was curious is anyone has any other tips? I've heard things like adding sea salt to the soapy water helps?

      I've been tossing them in the dishwasher and having pretty decent luck, but I'm worried that's just terrorizing the shoe and they're gonna start falling apart.


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        Magic Erasers work well on white sole edges.


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          I recently took the laces out and tossed my old chucks in the washing machine all by themselves then left then to dry on the porch. worked great.

          Oh yeah, and +1 for magic erasers on the white rubber.


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            I just did this over the weekend to a pair of white Jack Purcells. They got trashed during a concert so I threw them in the washing machine. That didn't do too much so I put them in a basin with warm water and some laundry detergent and scrubbed the crap out of them with a nylon (I think?) brush for a few minutes. They came out pretty clean, although there is some dirt that still wouldn't come off. If I scrubbed longer, it might've come off but I doubt it's visible from 3 feet away so I'm satisfied. This worked pretty well for the soles, too.


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              mettface i totally agree with you. i did the same way and got very good results. Basically the Canvas is supposed to be a rough and tough material just like jeans and this is why it is used in shoes as well. You can count on this method beefcake.


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                i threw mine away today.