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Need Help with Sports Coat Sizing

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    Need Help with Sports Coat Sizing

    So I have been looking for my first sports coat when I noticed a sale at Perry Ellis and I purchased:,default,pd.html?cgid=&start=null&srul e=null

    In terms of blazers/SC, I generally find that a 38S or 40S fits me best. However, M40 was the smallest size they had, so I got that thinking that because it was "slim fit", the chest could be closer to S in a regular fit. I should have thought about this before purchasing, but I'm really not sure if this will fit.

    Can anyone provide some insights?

    I am 5"4, 150 pounds, wear 15/33 in dress shirts


    Their M40 = 40R.

    Good chance it will be big all over for you, but you'll find out soon. Regarding the S designation and fit: a Short won't be any smaller in the chest/body/etc. It purely means that the jacket and sleeve lengths will be shorter. Good luck!



      In my experience Perry Ellis isn't particularly slim. I think the 40 will be big on you. This can be tailored. But as Nick pointed out, the regular size will mean it will be longer than the typical S you wear. This can't be fixed.

      Bottom line, try it on and see. But at 5' 4" I think it will be too long for you. Best to return it and find something that fits well.

      Dress for style, live for results.



        There isn't supposed to be any chest difference in 38R to 38S, but ive almost always noticed a .5-.75 inch difference.

        The big deal is the length of sleeves/jacket as mentioned before, though.



          You're 5'4" and you wear 33" sleeve dress shirts?



            I'm 6'1" and wear 34" sleeves.

            amathew - You may be well served by getting yourself professionally measured. I don't mean by the Men's Wearhouse, but by someone who gets modern, slim styling. pictures here. But a good starting point would be at a men's suit store that deals in slimmer fits.