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    He didn't do 3 for $300? I didn't even bother to ask since I thought that was the case. Who did you speak with? If my third pair isn't $100 then it's definitely going back. :-P

    EDIT: I double checked, and it appears I got 3 for $300 (plus tax) on my credit card. Somebody got screwed.



      Here's my shoe collection right now after this order. What should I fill the gaps with?

      Dress shoes:

      Black florsheim captoes ( replacing with AE Park Avenue's in July for $200)

      Burgundy J&M quarter brogues ( fit a bit large, may replace with van ness or fifth avenue )

      Dressy casual shoes, but not for work:

      AE Strand in burnished brown

      Bayfield boot in chromexcel brown

      Player's shoe in walnut

      Casual shoes:

      Clark's DB in taupe suede

      Puma sneakers in grey suede

      What's next? Maybe a dark chocolate suede casual shoe? I feel like I need another dress shoe in tan/walnut that aren't as busy as the player's shoe.



        Alan - you didn't ask what the total was? LOL. I spoke with Edward.



          @zerostyle: No. :-S I was just going off the info on this page so I assumed it was going to be $300... And it was so all is well. I think I spoke with Nate from the other location.



            I'm afraid that I didn't ask either if the 3rd pair would also be $100. I just assumed that it would be. I just sent Edward an e-mail to confirm.



              @Alan , oh well, I wasn't really in love with that player's shoe in dark chocolate anyway. I prefer the Loake Pimlico's... they just happen to cost like $150 more...ugh.

              I suppose I could always make another order for 2 pair? What should I fill my collection with? See above ^^^



                Dang, and I told myself a several weeks ago that I was good on shoes.... I just ordered the discontinued double-monk strap Mora and the Malvern! The Mora might actually be first quality, listed as style no. 7068 for $325 instead of 7068S for $157.50...

                Thanks for the heads up! I missed the announcement of the sale on the StyleForum thread:



                  @runners, what size? I asked about the Mora this morning and they said they were all sold out, I'm wondering if they found more...



                    @runners n jeans: Seeing as how the Mora is discontinued, I bet it is first quality. I would have ordered a pair (instead of the snuff suede Players) if they had any in my size. I'm not totally sold on the snuff suede Players yet. We'll have to see how I feel about them once they come in.



                      @runners n jeans: Is there a way you can tell from the code whether you're getting first or second quality? It looks like the Hales I order came in two model numbers. I hope they give me firsts.



                        @Alan - I think the "S" after the model number means seconds. So, 5488 = 1st and 5488S = 2nds.



                          @trash: I got mine in 7.5D but I also received an inventory list that had it in 7.5E.

                          @Alan: What Juan said. The Mora's in 7.5D were listed without the "S" in it, but the Mora's in 7.5E had the "S" in it and the price was half as much. Since I ordered the 7.5D, I didn't have to worry which one I would get. I just hoped that it was a first



                            "AE Park Avenue's in July for $200"

                            How's that?



                              @Juan: Yes, I called and they were able to backup your assumption. They also verfied that I'm receiving firsts on the Hales. SWEEEET!!!



                                BTW, anyone who can still find the Parliament in their size may want to give them a look. They're basically the Strand on an orthopedic (rubber) sole. They look virtually the same with a slightly thicker sole. I do believe they are recrafteable, too.