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Allen Edmonds 2 for $200 Thread

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    @tomservo For a casual brown, I love my Player's Shoe in walnut.




      8.5D & 9D (tab different sizes at the bottom)



        just purchased players in white, sand and walnut along with tan montecito. size 9d.

        $400. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



          How long is the sale going on? How does shipping an returns work? I'm a total newbie to the Real Nice Shoes game.



            I believe shipping to you is free, or at least I wasn't charged anything last time I placed a phone order with an outlet. I was told that you can return to an AE company store if the shoes are unworn, can anyone confirm this?



              IIRC, they do accept returns without a restocking fee as long as the shoes haven't been worn. Not sure if the return shipping is free though.

              Just email them. They're pretty helpful with questions.



                Shipping is free.



                  How did you guys hear about this? I want to sign up to the list



                    There's no signup. Just contact an allen edmonds store and see what's available in your size. Or you could visit your local AE store.



                      For anyone sharing their spreadsheets, can you make it so that anyone can see it (will beat receiving requests emails)

                      How to:

                      -Click on the share button (top right of the sheet)

                      -Change "private" to "anyone with the link"

                      -Share that url




                        Would be awesome if anyone had a spreadsheet for 11M they wanted to throw up!



                          ARGH so torn on what to buy.

                          Definitely want a walnut shoe - either the Player's or Lombard. (Lombard has a rubber sole, might make sense for rainy days).

                          Considering the Amok, but it's not really that great of a price. Would I be insane to also buy a Player's shoe in chocolate or snuff suede?

                          Any other good casual boot options? Not sure that I'm a fan of the bayfield.



                            Bayfield honestly looks awesome. North Platte available in your size? Dalton (can be worn both ways)? How about the malvern? I think it looks good in suede and in brown.

                            As for costs, isn't it 2 for $200, so that kind of makes everything pretty affordable.



                              You people are bad for my wallet. I just ordered:

                              Hale (Black Calf)

                              Player (Snuff Suede)

                              Bayfield (Brown Chromexcel)

                              That's $1010 worth of shoes for $300. I already have some walnut calf wingtips so I went with suede this time around. The Hale is a dressy shoe (which I desperately need for interviews), and the Bayfield... Well the Bayfield is just wicked. They had North Platte in my size, but I've got enough wingtips now.

                              The guy on the phone told me I can return them to my local AE store if they don't work out for me.

                              @tomservo: Did you see the Hale available in your size? It's a black dress shoe. I think I'm gonna like the ones I just ordered.



                                I really would have liked a linen Strawfoot, but all they have left in my size is mesh.