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Grey brogues that won't break the bank?

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    Grey brogues that won't break the bank?

    Does anyone know of a pair? Most of the sites/shoes i've seen have those pink rubber soles. I'd like to stay away from those. Something similiar to the ones below would be nice. Too bad they're no longer made. Any suggestions or recommendations would be helpful...


    See if you can find the Sebago Brattles in "Smokey Brown". It looks pretty gray to me.

    maybe those are the ones you were referring to, with the rubber soles. I have a pair of Sebagos though, and I don't think it's too bad. They're definitely not formal, but then again, that's not the point.



      I have been looking for these myself, and find they are sold out everywhere and I wish I could afford the Grensons. I have my eye on these once available in my size:

      So if you find any, please let me know too!



        Aye, also looking for gray plain-toe or brogued oxfords. Just curious, what's the one in the photo above?



          According to the guys blog, they were a VERY cheap ($20AUD) pair of Asos grey brogues he scored off ebay. Here is the link..

          I really like those Ben Sherman "Arista" wingtips but not for that price.



            These look nice:




              Those kind of remind me of bowling shoes with the white bottom... I wonder if they would darken up like the Clark's Desert Boots??



                More expensive than $20AUD, but the grey one is one sale from Aldo's online store for $105 (retail $150). Check for any aldoshoes coupons.


                I don't own these, though I did purchase but return the Blake boot--I didn't like the moon-crater sized brogueing and I would rather have AE Dalton's seconds at the same price that I got it for after sale and tax ($150).



                  "moon-crater sized brogueing" - thanks runners, I have been looking for a good description of why I don't like the Aldo brogues



                    A few options...

          !/men-gray-oxfords/CK_XARC31wFCAQhqAQPAAQLiAgUBGAIIDQ.zso?s=goliveRec entSalesStyle/desc/

                    PRL Orrick Wingtip for $99

                    Stacy Adams Telford for $70

                    Generic Surplus Dury for $70

                    If you're willing to spend more, it opens up the options to much higher quality shoes, especially Walk-Over, but also Florsheim and Aldo.



                      I may pick these up.. For the price and for about as many times as i'll probably wear them, these are pretty good.




                        Thoughts on these from florsheim (blue laces not included):

                        Wear photos:





                          I bought these a while back. They come with grey, red (shown) and blue laces, and are pretty comfortable if you are fine with the rubber sole.


                          Some other comments on them:

                          And a B&B writeup:



                            Anybody have thoughts on the florsheim no-string wing? It actually does come with strings, thank goodness (! The blue looks good too.



                              @LosRockets Man, I wish it had a leather sole! If the rubber sole isn't an issue for you, I'd say go for it! I actually really like the way it looks with the blue laces.