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Opinions on Levi's 511 jeans with a blazer

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    Opinions on Levi's 511 jeans with a blazer

    I'm a slim guy, 28 years old, 5'11 and usually around 150-160 lbs with a cyclist build. I'm thinking of picking up some 511 skinny jeans as a "dressy jean" to pair with the banana republic tailored blazer that Joe has been posting recently. I usually wear 501 stf or 514 but the larger/straight leg opening seems a bit sloppy to me when dressed up. I'd be buying the 511 in a 34 waist, my usual is 31-32 so I can have more space in the upper thighs but still have a good taper below the knee and going for a no break look. I tried them on and thought it looked good but I might be biased. Anyone pairing up 511's and blazers here? Will it look nice, or will my lower buddy look like a 15 year old?

    this is the look I'm trying to achieve from the jeans:

    I hope linking to a different blog isn't frowned upon.

    Thanks for the help!


    I am a very similar size, and I have a couple of pairs of 511s. I definitely wear them with blazers. 511s aren't that skinny; at least on me they are really just slim. 510s, on the other hand, are true skinny jeans.

    One of my pairs is a 33, and the other is a 32. I wear the 33s more often, but only because they are a better color. I actually like the way the 32s fit better. I would caution against up-sizing much (if any) because the waist will be too loose, and it will bunch up under you belt. That's not as big of a deal if your shirt is untucked, but it's no good if you are going for a dressy look. Just that one inch causes a problem with my 33s. Also, in my experience, if you line dry them (as Levi's recommends) the jeans will be looser after you wash them than they are in the store.

    Also, you should take a look at the Lands End Canvas slim jeans in rinsed indigo. They are $14.99 at the moment, and with the abundance of free shipping codes and free returns to Sears, you might as well give them a try. I got mine in today, and they seem to run a bit bigger than the Levi's (by about an inch), but I haven't washed them yet. The cut seems similar to the 511s.



      I think the 511's look great - they are definitely not skinny, just slim and tapered, which is the look you want when you're wearing a blazer and shoes. I have a couple of pairs now and they are currently my go-to pair of jeans for everything. Personally, I think my shoes are swimming in the openings of my 501 STFs - and I can't believe I ever wore them with shoes (i.e. non-sneakers or boots). Even when I did wear the 501's, I had to cuff them to tighten that opening a bit.

      And I am the way as you, I size up a bit. I'm 6ft about 175 lbs. I normally wear 33 dress pants but I sized up to 36 to get the extra length. I don't experience a ton of noticeable bunching under the belt - but I guess there is potential for it. If you experience it, just get your true size (in your case - 32 waist) and as long as you can get it on somewhat comfortably, then I'm sure you will either get used to it or it'll stretch out after a while.

      But my point - yes 511 is the way to go for the blazer look you're going for.



        thanks for the help guys. wsgm, thanks for the tip on LEC, I'll probably order a pair to try out.



          Maybe I'm missing something. I would love to know. I'm about 6ft and 185lb athletic frame. I tried on the 511 a couple years ago looking for a better fit than the 514. I could hardly breathe they were like painted on. Has the 511 fit changed? Did it used to be more of a 510 fit? Just curious as I would love to find a Levi more fitted than 514 but not too much so.

          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



            I'm with Greg, I'm 6'2" 180 lbs. I tried the 511 on once and it felt like my crotch and thighs were not getting ample blood flow. Not a good fit for me at all, way too tight.

            I second wsgm, LEC slim fit jeans are the truth! For that price you CANNOT beat it. I have the rinsed indigo and white. They are slim, but not too tight and not ridiculously tight around the ankle.

            It's weird though, I have the same size LEC slim fit jeans in white and rinsed indigo, but the white ones are noticeably slimmer throughout. Not emo slim, but I almost wish the rinsed indigo ones could slim down a bit.



              I size up in the waist (I normally wear 33 dress pants and 34 jeans, but I buy 36 511's). This gives you the extra room in the thighs while still keeping the slim and tapered look through the leg.



                I ended up with the rigid 511's and I think it looked great with a blazer. Might hem them though so I can go for the no break look. I ended up with a 34x30. My 501's and 514's are 32x32 and feel exactly the same as the 511 around the waist. 32x30 511's didn't even come close to closing and the 33's weren't much better. 34's are the only ones that fit, and are tight enough that I don't even need a belt.