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Rainy day casual shoes

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    Rainy day casual shoes

    What does everyone wear on rainy, casual days. (For example, on a date).

    My current casual shoe collection doesn't quite work:

    1. Taupe suede Clarks desert boots ( rain = no suede )

    2. Sneakers - not for dates

    3. AE Strands - too nice of a shoe / leather soles = not for rain

    I think I need to come up with some kind of more rugged shoe, possibly a boot. What non-suede, rubber/dainite soled shoe or boot would you recommend for the typical jeans + button down type look?


    The suede desert boots are fine if you treat them first: I have had red wine spilled on my brown suede desert boots and I washed them in the sink and they were fine. Dark suede is better since you won't see the wet spots.

    Alternatively, you could get some regular leather desert boots.

    I wear these if its raining, but they're kinda dorky. I'd like to get a pair of duck boots.



      Hate hate hate duck boots.

      Clark DB's are ok, but they feel a little bulbous and too casual to me. Looking for something either a little dressier or more boot like I guess



        I usually go with my beeswax clarks, but you were looking for shoes a little more dressy though right? You could probably go with a "lower quality" brand and get a wingtip type of shoe that you could beat up a little bit in the rain, since they wouldn't be the main dress shoe you have



          I picked up a pair of J&M Wingtip boots on a solid sale that have rubber soles. Perfect for rainy days where I want to wear something a bit more dressy than my topsiders.



            usually boat shoes for me. don't care if they get soaked at all



              For most rainy days I wear my Timberland Earthkeeper Chukkas. The rubber sole is perfect for rain and they were cheap. Got them for next to nothing with some Bonobos credits and promo codes.



                What about the Sebago Hamilton wingtip boot ? That's usually what I wear on rainy days when I'm not wearing sneakers.




                  oooooo I am definitely getting a pair of those Sebagos when I can get a good deal on them.

                  Dress for style, live for results.



                    I kinda like those boots, but had trouble with Sebago fitting me in the past. The 9's were too long, and the 8.5's were way too tight...

                    ( I loved the look of their brattle shoe: )



                      @Jessy, yes that's my answer to this question as well. Love the waterproofness in my soggy city. They also just look great (though I do need to give them a polish soon, they're getting beat up bad!)

                      @Tomservo, keep an eye on Last Call, they regularly go on sale there (or did, anyway)!