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    USA shoe brands


    As an out-of-country ebayer exploring some opportunities to upgrade my shoe collection, I am after some guidance with USA made shoes.

    I get that Allen Edmonds are good shoes - based on an earlier purchase, I seem to be a 10.5 Medium (D). I have also looked at some Alden shoes - would it be right to consider that they would be a step up from AE's?

    Johnston & "Murphy appear to be a step in the other direction - are they a good "investment" on ebay, given that shipping to Australia seems to vary between about $17 and $60 depending on vendor (!!??!!) ie- is the quality worth the shipping premium, or are they regarded as fairly ordinary shoes in the USA?

    How do the relative sizes stack up - would it be reasonable for me to assume that I would be a 10.5 Medium in all three manufacturers?


    I think with high shipping and ebay prices, J&M would generally not be worth the investment. With patience you can get AE and Alden for great prices and they are much better shoes.

    As for sizing. That can be tough. AE and Aldens are made on so many different lasts that it can vary greatly from shoe to shoe. You can try your usual size and will likely have ok luck.

    Red Wings are also great made in the USA shoes. Fabulously well made. LL Bean makes their shoes in Maine I believe. Quoddy is made somewhere in the northeast as well. They have high quality mocs.

    I've thoroughly enjoyed my Oak Street Bootmakers boat shoes. They are made in Maine and sold through a company in Chicago.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      This was helpful for me. I have no experience with Alden, but there does seem to be a bit of a price premium when AE is already pretty high quality.



        I don't know how you'll do on these with "ebay prices," but my experience has been this (and I really like shoes):

        Aldens are the absolute best you can get as far as Made in USA. Well worth every penny you'll pay for them. Can't recommend them enough. Quick guide on sizes:

        You made no mention of Red Wing so I assume you're looking for more of a dress shoe, but they're very good as well. Second only to Alden in terms of quality imo.

        Johnston & Murphy shoes aren't still made here as far as I know. Though on ebay you may find an older pair that was.

        I don't think anyone's said it but there's also Walkover: Walkover shoes. I've got a pair of the saddles and they're a very good shoe for the price.

        I've not had great luck with Allen Edmonds. Considering what you pay, they have serious quality control issues. Especially when you consider how by the time you've paid that much, you should have just paid the extra $100 and got the Aldens. Much better value. Seriously, I've had Florsheims that lasted longer. As with anything, your mileage will vary.



          Thanks - all help greatly appreciated!