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New Bonobos 20% off code

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    New Bonobos 20% off code

    Been a while. Found one:


    20% off


    Thanks. I went ahead and jumped on the Charleston Navy Seersucker suit since it looks like the jacket sizes were thinning out.

    If anyone wants 25 off 75, you can use the link I generated by my purchase



      Thanks for the heads up. I also jumped on the navy seersucker, was waiting for a sale code to go with my $175 in store credit. They have awesome customer service, I called and they offered to give me store credits to cover the shipping to Canada. Suit cost me $160 taxes in thanks to referal credits! SO happy!

      They also have exact measurements for everything, you can just call them up and get them all. If you need another code for $25 off $75 I got this one at checkout also:



        Nice, time to get rid of some store credit. I'd get a suit if only they didn't have such slim lapels, I don't wear suits often so I figured my one go-to suit should be as timeless as possible. Might try the denim though.



          Is this expired? I can't seem to get it to work.

          Edit: nevermind. It works on Bonobos stuff, but not on Grenson or Sebago. Weak, but thanks anyway for the heads up.



            John, thank you for the code. I had ~$80 in store credit stored up, but I didn't want to use it until a sale of some sort. Bonobos raised its prices to the point where nothing on their website appealed to me. I just placed my last order with Bonobos -- a pair of jeans. I can't believe that they charge $145 for a pair of jeans now.



              I'm debating between the Charleston Gray or Navy. I liked the look of last year's gray seersucker, but this year it seems the navy one is more popular. Is it because it's more versatile in looks?



                FWIW, I got a pair of their travel denim (size down 1-2 inches!) and they fit awesome. I love them, and will be picking up another pair soon.




                  Thanks to whoever used my referral code!



                    Ah, and here's mine for anyone that wants to give Bonobos a try:




                      I think that's the kick. People usually shy away from traditional seersucker because of the bright colors. I have the navy in the shorts and I love it. Would definitely get the suit if I had the cash and the need. Surprised someone didn't think of a more subtle seersucker suit sooner.


                      I'm with you on the jeans. Not sure why they cost that much. I guess "Made in USA," Bonobos markup, etc.

                      I have ~$80 in credit. Might have a look around since 20% seems to be a rarity these days.



                        If anyone else needs $25 off $75:


                        Happy shopping..



                          has anyone bought their new selvage jeans, or flatirons? I'm curious how they rank.

                          here is another 25$ referral code as well:



                            Anyone know when this 20% code expires?



                              $25 off 75