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Advice needed to buy my first suit.

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    Originally posted by MNJ83 View Post
    Well, I am not a big fan anymore. I have three of their suits, including a "super 150" Hartford, and to me, if I am going to buy a well made in China suit, I might as well pay a lot less and go with Spier and McKay.

    I also think that Brooks Brothers 1818 and above (none of their outlet trash) if by far superior in cut, quality, and drape than either SS or S&M as a made in the USA suit. I think a well tailored Brooks Brothers suit is in a different ballpark altogether and probably the best value when they go on sale for two for 1200 or so.
    I haven't tried S&M suits or sportcoats, although I have some lovely shirts from them. And I'm not convinced that made in USA is always better quality than made in China (although you may have other reasons for preferring it).

    But I think that comparing BB to SS involves a big element of subjective preference. My favourite SS cut is the Havana - I love soft tailoring (even in suits), and I think it offers an incredible price point for a style that can otherwise only be found with expensive Italian brands. For comparison, I also have pieces from LBM 1911 / Lubiam, Caruso and Eidos Napoli (all made in Italy) and I probably wear my SS Havanas more often (of course, they don't have the same levels of handiwork etc, but that rarely affects my decision of what to wear on a given day). In a more formal work environment, I can totally see going for BB. But for me, the slightly more casual style and ease of breaking the suit up into separates that you get with things like the SS Havana is perfect for my needs. And SS offers some lovely and unusual fabrics, including things that perfectly straddle the smart / casual line.