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warm weather non nipple-y white shirts? ie dress and henley options

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    Originally posted by Dun View Post
    nope nope nope!

    Cotton tanks hold on to moisture for me. I need it to evaporate or I over heat, not too mention what wet cotton undershirts will do to my over shirt. I have to be constantly rehydrating myself but it's better than the alternatives.

    So far my go to's are:
    -- Linen, textured or at least 1 pocket
    -- Sweat wicking polos, need a new white one
    -- Seersucker, not as cool feeling as the above 2 but it camouflages the sweat and the ol'nips decently
    -- Dress shirt(or anything not white really) with Uniqlo Airism, I sweat noticeably more with this combo but the Airism doesn't look like I am

    So I need more options like this
    Well then, best of luck on your personal journey to staying cool in the heat and hope you find what works best for you. As someone who overheats easily and suddenly, I sympathize.