If cloud if the square Xu unexpectedly surprising concern rises his/her own dress, in the heart but is a pleased, the way of pleased Zi Zi:"I just fromOutside come back, didn't also change.You don't like, that I change a piece."Say not intentional hearer of have intention to, square the Xu smell speech heart in on moving, tiffany & co canada smile to order, in cloud if if start to fix to go to change clothes groundWait, suddenly openings way:"If if, I send that Jia of yours cypress beautiful son the recreational suit is red of that, you at ordinary times be notHave been putting in the cupboard, I feel quite good, you wear to show me.

"If cloud if an obvious Zhan of Jiao Qu quickly turns head to hope a square Xu, square Xu past make a surprised way:"How, if if?"If tiffany rings cloud if cautiously observe the facial expression of the Xu of square, see his noodles ascend calmly, the facial expression Tan concusses one, slightly loose in the heart, way:"Have noNothing important, that clothes, I ……I a few days ago put it in the office."Cloud if if, sound out a way:"Want to be not, I tomorrow evening wear to let you see.

"The square Xu smiles a way:"Need not, I am also freely end in talk, the time is getting more late, you tomorrow still need to go to work, rest earlierInterest."Need cloud if if door after, square Xu originally extremely indifferent face up pin up very thick sneer, the cold long grass in eye is one Shan, lightLanguage mumbling way:"Good if if, you can be true right of rise me.No wonder that you ex- some days say to do some sorry my affair, good,Is really his mama of very Tiffany Bracelet canada good.

"Square Xu facial expression concussion, cold long grass in eye more the Shan more and fiercely and tightly hold the cup of filling the tea and drinks and need cup heel tea and drinks in the his handThe time accompanied to all reduce to ashes, the Tu presents Liu Jia's Qian to copy again in the brain, look in the eyes gradually of turn into mild from cold fierce, again from evenIs thin to turn to calculate for being bitter and astringent, Mo in heart of on sighing, ' this also not ability being strange if if, I aming improper in conduct by myself, heel good not clear of,Is a retribution.