Hope cloud if if of bashful beautiful Tai, feel that Hun if boneless and moving Jiao Qu, square Xu mind for of a concuss, the flame of sexual desire in stomach is fierce to rise, if cloud if obviously also feel square Xu of strange appearance, the jade noodles flushes more gorgeous, the momentary tender heart feeling moves like tide, but just lightly pounded chan luu wrap bracelet square Xu one punch, the meaning for unexpectedly doing not the slightest start.

The square Xu knows if this continues affirmative chief culprit mistake, favour long take a suck at spirit, strong from suppress, need flame of sexual desire to slightly eliminate, in cloud if if of jade noodles up again is lightly on kissing, but don't talk.The square Xu a long time has never done to answer, if cloud if heart next tiny disappointment, do the best to start to prop up own body, the seductive eyes thin Mi stares at a square Xu, again entreaty way:"Xu, my everythingses all depend on you, begs you not to want like?"Hope cloud if if of look in the eyes, in the square Xu heart cant not bear to, contemplate a short moment, nod a way:"Is chan luu bracelets all right, if if, you trust, I don't want this treasure to hide be.

"If cloud if the square Xu promises his/her own claim, joy in heart, but also have no to cautiously ponder square the words of the Xu, be just with full intention and happily and lightly'H'm'1.In fact square Xu this words say greatly to have a problem, he just says he not this treasure hides, but doesn't say a group person not to battle out and says one unpleasant to hear of, pure is playing a writing of game, just cloud if if square Xu agreed, momentary joy under but don't cautiously ponder, it let square the Xu chan luu wrap bracelets drilled one empty son.

The square Xu smiles again way:"If if, in fact you have never needed to worry about I and say with my current capability, this world's canning make my enemy is it may be said only a few."The saying to tone is very heroic, just square Xu but don't brag, after broke Ao the state of the treasure Dian ground the word article"100 read horizontal livinged" for sky, square the Xu fighting skill is aggressive, concretely arrived at present now day by day what situation, perhaps even he by himself is also don't know, because he hasn't truely once begun with others as well and has never heartily once developed up to now.