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    Sportcoat/Suit opinions needed

    I'm currently in the market for a couple well fitting, half-canvassed suits along with two sportcoats. After much research I've decided to go with Spier & Mackay and am excited to order my first piece from them.

    Some background: I currently have a Navy suit (perhaps more of a dark blue than Navy) as well as a lighter gray suit and also a mid-blue/steel blue blazer. Both suits serve their purpose but certainly leave much to be desired in the fit and quality department (they've been tailored but still don't feel or look great. I humbly admit both were OTR department store suits purchased for me by my sweet wife).

    In browsing the Spier & Mackay website, I am drawn to the Brown Herringbone sportcoat in Contemporary fit along with the classic Midnight Navy Hopsack blazer. The new Blue Wool/Linen Check suit also caught my eye. As to avoid annoying my wife by simply ordering all three at once, I'm trying to prioritize which to order first. Also, I'd only like to order one initially to ensure sizing is correct, as I don't think I can order multiples and return all of them without getting dinged shipping in the event the fit is wrong. We have 3 kids and many other expenses, so I certainly have higher priorities than this, but with that said which would you order first if you were in my position? In other words, knowing what I already own, what priority would you rank them?

    For what it's worth, I will eventually be ordering a proper Navy and Charcoal suit from S&M, probably when Fall weather hits later this year. Thanks in advance for all advice offered!

    If you are unhappy with your current dark wool suit options my priority would be getting a Navy or Charcoal suit first. I know that's a really boring answer, but my experience has been situation arise in life where a navy or charcoal wool suit is essentially necessary, and a lighter colored/patterned suit really is not a viable substitute. However, for occasions where a lighter colored or patterned suit is more appropriate, I find that a tradition dark wool suit, while maybe not ideal, is usually at least a workable option if you dress it down a little. So i would not focus on brown and patterned suits until I had the navy or charcoal thing nailed down.

    After that it really depends on what you will be wearing these suits/blazer for. I would prioritize whatever you think you will wear the most, then go from there. For my current career field/current place of business/sense of style I can't really imagine life with out a good navy blazer, but your situation could be completely different. Without a whole lot of of information about your career, day to day life, and sense of style I don't know if anyone can really prioritize these types of purchases effectively for you.


      Unless you wear a suit to work most days of the week and your office is casual/hip enough (the aforementioned combination is contractors and exceedingly rare), I would not buy a seasonal suit in a check or other pattern. It will be not easy to wear as a suit without standing out and can only be worn in summer. Not very versatile. The jacket alone can work fine and it's a good purchase but I would prioritize much lower on my list.

      The two blazers/SCs you linked are quite versatile but in terms of pattern and seasons. The navy is 3/4 seasons and the most versatile item. A brown SC like the HB one you linked is IMO the second most versatile jacket one can own and a three season item. Both solid options.

      After that I would get a summer SC, and replace one of your navy/gray suits. If you want a summery suit, I would suggest a lightweight wool or wool/linen with no or minimal pattern (Eg HB or Birdseye).



        Thanks for the responses!

        To reply to [MENTION=15504]Me27[/MENTION]'s comment, I work in IT management for a retail fashion/clothing company, but I consistently meet with high level executives including the CEO, CIO and COO. We also entertain vendors and clients frequently, so I'm in a suit or sportcoat a couple times a week, and then in the standard wool dress pants and button-up and/or sweater most other times.

        The reason I haven't replaced my current Navy suit is...well, because I already have one and it's not like it's in terrible shape; it just doesn't fit how I'd like it to. The sportcoats are something I don't have, so swinging for them is easier to swallow for both the wife and I. But yeah, I do agree that I really do need to pick up a staple Navy and Charcoal suit that fit me properly. Currently S&M doesn't have any Charcoals in my size, and they won't be offering another until the Fall; I figure I'll wait until then to grab one.