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    Parnis are ok as long as it's just splashes of water. I've kept mine away from any serious exposure to water but it handled a little bit of rain and dish washing rather well.

    I think is the one where I bought mine. There are a couple of ebay sellers who're good with Parnis as well. is another watch forum that has nice sub-forums for russian & chinese watches.



      Really like that Sea-Gull BenR posted. Is that website its linked from a reputable seller? Its the only place I can find it online.

      I REALLY want the diver that Joe posted from Chris Ward, but i'm trying to figure out on what planet I can afford to blow $500 on a watch anytime soon.



        @Jordan - That's my problem right now too. I just can't spend that much money right now. I just spent $300 for car repairs and $400 for our baby's medical bill. A watch will have to wait.



          @ Jordan - "trusthonestman" on eBay is a reliable seller of Sea-Gull watches. I bought one from him about a week ago and waiting for it to arrive (comes directly from China so shipping takes ~2 weeks or so). is another reliable Sea-Gull seller but their prices are a little higher and they don't carry as much variety of the less expensive models.




            A few things-

            - "Affordable" is relative, especially when it comes to watches, so for the purposes of this list I'll take that to mean "under $500"

            - These are all automatic (yep, I'm a complete snob about it. no quartz for me)

            - Though there are other suggestions on this list, take them with a grain of salt. In general, my motto is "Seiko till you get a Rollie."

            - ^I can't stress the above point enough. If you're serious about watches, save up and buy a real one. It won't take as long as you think, and it'll be something you can give to your children.

            - Small piece of advice, and this is completely personal: Avoid knockoffs and "tributes." People who don't know about watches won't notice them at all, and people who do know about watches will think you look ridiculous.

            All that said, some things I like right now:

            Binnacle Anchor x Burnhardt - $239

            Seiko 5 Diver - $175

            An obvious choice, but is literally probably the best watch you can buy for the price

            Seiko 5 Atlas - $230

            Another obvious one but you really can't go wrong with it. Will verge on "too much shit on the dial" for some

            Orient FFD0F001W - $297



              Good picks, FN. Seiko is my favorite bang-for-the-buck brand, too. I'm especially tempted by some of the SARB watches now that I'm looking to invest in quality over quantity - the Green Alpinist is at the top of my mini-grail list. At around $500, it's a serious investment for most people but a better watch overall than the Swiss pieces you can get at the same price. Plus I happen to think this particular SARB is one of the few timepieces that really successfully blends sporty and dressy without being a pure copy of vintage sport watch designs.

              Love the Atlas, too, but I know it would overwhelm my tiny wrists so I'll have to settle for admiring it from afar.




                BenR, I almost posted about the black-faced Alpinist, the SARB015. It's one of my favorites, but I thought the price range was a bit too high to be considered "affordable".

                If $500 is acceptable, I'd throw the SARB033 and SARB035 as really awesome, versatile dress watches. Modern enough to be worn without a suit, but really clean, simple and elegant. Also small enough to be worn by people with smaller wrists.

                I'd post the pictures, but have no idea how.



                  @BenR @Chareth: Forgot about Seiko's SARBs, very nice picks. Green dial is the SARB017, for anyone looking. I haven't been able to find them anywhere outside eBay, but definitely a worthwhile investment.

                  That Green Alpinist is in my opinion the best-looking, most original dress/sport watch this side of a Speedmaster.

                  Edit- one more comment: Speaking from experience, I would trust Seiko's in-house movements WAY more than the Swiss pieces at the same price. The ETA-2824 stays reasonably accurate, but it's in a TON of watches and they aren't always made by people who take watches seriously. Seiko's movements show how serious they are and I've had far better luck with them.

                  Nothing wrong with Swiss watches, just be careful of these general-purpose movements that are available in hundreds of different watches



                    You can get many of the JDM Seikos at Seiya.




                      @Chareth - Thanks for the rec, but I'm not too big a fan of the 031...just looks too much like a Sub to me! Maybe I should just pull the trigger on the 013, though..



                        Guys, I received my Orient CDB05001W in the mail today. The watch's case was coated in dirt and was dented in one spot. The watch also had a layer of dirt on it. I dusted the watch off, but it ticked me off (pun intended) and I'm sending it back. What a disappointment.

                        The watch itself is quite attractive, but I can't get past the dirt.



                          Did you order it from OWUSA? They have a pretty mixed reputation for customer service and attention to detail. I've seen a handful of similar complaints on Watchuseek. My purchases from OWUSA have turned out well, but I'd definitely recommend shopping around from other retailers if you can. and are both good alternatives, though their selection isn't as good.




                            I ordered my orient mako from this ebay seller:


                            It arrived in 2 days and I had no complaints. I bought mine for 110$ where as sells it for 133



                              BenR, I purchased it from for the free 2 day shipping. was very helpful and I have no complaints about them.



                                Hm - in any case, it sounds like you just got old stock that's been sitting in a warehouse for a long time. I've definitely ordered some watches online that came in dusty or dinged-up boxes, but the watches themselves were always pristine. It's pretty weird that your actual watch was dirty.

                                One of the unfortunate consequences of Amazon's relatively lenient return policy is that you hear stories of people receiving watches that have clearly been worn already (all stickers removed, scuffs in steel, creasing in leather, etc.). Given Amazon's business model, and without making their return policies significantly more draconian, it seems like a difficult situation to avoid.