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    I wear this Skagen as my everyday watch and I really like it. I know Joe has posted about it before, but it's pretty cheap now.



      Thekillabeejc, I love the look of Skagen watches, but the faces scratch quite easily. They also have poor construction, and the battery doesn't last very long.

      VespaMatt, the Bulova watch looks nice. It's a shame that it isn't an automatic.

      I value long-term reliability as much as appearance. That's why I'd be more inclined to choose a Hamilton, Seiko, or Orient over the Skagen, Sea-gull, Parnis, and similar brands.



        @BenR, its hard to find a thin, automatic (especially in gold) in that price point. However, I am keenly interested in the new Hamilton Intramatic (ETA powered) and how much actual street price will be:

        I believe Sea-Gull to be up there in quality with Seiko and Orient, although I don't personally own one. The Parnis, Alphas, Taos have the possibility of becoming paper weights... but I feel like they last long enough for me to get my money out of them. Also, most of those Chinese watches use a common 21J movement that is cheap as chips to replace. When it comes to stuff, I tend to have a philosophy of either save up and go full bore for a quality piece or get the cheapest possible.

        I do agree with bremersm in the regard that used/vintage watches from more well known brands can be very affordable. You can only wear one watch at a time so you have to evaluate whether owning 3-4 'affordable watches' or one vintage/used, prestigious piece is more value.



          Outside of ebay, where are decent places to look for vintage watches?



            Watch forums are a good place to find deals on vintage/used watches. will let you meta search multiple watch forums and classifieds sites.

   is a listing site but can be pricier.

            Locally, find shops that specialize in servicing swiss timepieces and they will usually have a selection for sale or cam recommend jewlery stores that carry vintage watches. Lots of jewelery stores that deal in estate jewelery will have vintage pieces.

            Vintage WILL typically be smaller diameter so might not work if you have larger wrists. Lots of great watches from brands like Omega, heur, Tissot, etc... Can be had inexpensively. Even the non-sport Rolexes can dip as far low as $1k. Tudor, Rolex's cousin, also has a lot of 'affordable' models. Not Seiko territory, but add up 3-4 of some of the nicer watches that are typically recommended on Dappered and you're there.



              I haven't worn a watch in years, but soon I want to splurge and pull the trigger on a nice piece with ETA movement, probably either a Tissot or Hamilton.



                @ VespaMatt - That intra-matic is gorgeous, and exactly the kind of watch I've been looking for (vintage). I might have to save up and buy my Jazzmaster a brother.

                @ runner guy - If you're looking for affordable Swiss autos, you might want to check out Christopher Ward watches as well. The brand is British but their watches are Swiss-made with ETA movements, and pretty reasonably priced.

                @ Everyone - yes, vintage watches are quite small by today's standards. The standard size seems to be 33-34mm in diameter. These days, a 36mm watch is considered tiny and 38-42mm seems to be the norm, even among simple dress watches.




                  @BenR - Yeah I've seen Christopher Ward watches. They are beautiful. I love the C5 Malvern Automatic:




                    runner-guy, that's a beautiful watch!



                      Great thread! Here's a question: as a tiny-wristed guy (my wrist circumference is around 6"), I am perpetually in search of an affordable sporty diver on a stainless steel band with a case that measures less than 40mm. I'm hard to please, though - don't want any homages or anything that looks like it's trying to be a Submariner. Most of the watches I love aesthetically come in at way too big, around 42 or 43 mm.

                      Any ideas? So far the SKX013 is winning the race, but I don't love it (the hands and hour markers are so big and bulky that the dial looks kind of crowded to me - plus I'd want to swap out the jubilee for a different bracelet), and I wish there were other options out there to choose from.



                        @runner-guy, BenR

                        I saw the Christopher Ward diver the other day on some site (was it dappered?), and damn it looks sharp. Browsing through the website I'm finding quite a few other ones that i wouldn't mind having too.




                          The SKX031 is another option. The case is a bit bigger at 40mm, but I think that it should be doable on your wrist. Most likely, all of the SKX divers will look somewhat similar on you because the dials are all the same size, despite any variance in case size. Even on the 42mm divers, the dials are very small compared to more modern watches.

                          Getting back to the SKX031, I personally think the larger case has a little more balance with the style of the watch, given that divers are generally chunkier. A small diver can look feminine even on small wrists. The dial and hands on 031 seem to be the same, but it does come on an oyster.

                          A big advantage of Seiko divers over other affordable watch brands is the very robust mod market if you want to customize the watch.



                            @VespaMatt have you tried ordering through Tao's website? I keep getting an error. Anyone else have this problem? Beautiful watches everyone. Keep em comin!



                              @Saga I have ordered from them in the past but nothing recently, probably about 6 months ago. I got their previous version of the Yacht Club.

                              You might want to shoot them an e-mail (also doesn't hurt to ask for a coupon code, they provided me one for like $5 off when I ordered my watch).



                                I've always wanted the Parnis. How does it hold up against water?