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    Affordable watches thread

    I've noticed that a number of threads posters have a nice collection of affordable watches. Let's use this thread to post our favorites.

    1. Orient Golden Eye:

    I love the simplicity of this automatic. It also has a sapphire crystal. Amazon has it for $230 here: Alternatively, sells it for $210 with the promo code Spring2012. You also get a free quartz watch along with your order if you purchase from

    2. Orient Vintage:

    Previously featured on It has a sapphire crystal and a power reserve indicator. Again, I love the simplicity. The black dial is on sale for $230 at Amazon. The Spring2012 promo code works at, but it only brings it down to $322 (plus a free quartz watch).

    3. Seiko 5 SNXS79K:

    A nice, clean display with a brushed bracelet. The under-$100 price tag is nice.

    4. Seiko 5 SNK357:

    A similar model, with a blue face. On sale for $68 at Amazon. I might pick it up as a beater watch. It has the same 21 crystal automatic movement as their more expensive line of watches.


    PS: I exchanged emails with Joe at and he said that the free watch that they're giving away right now is similar to this one:



      When talking about affordable watches we can not forget the used market. I bought both a Hamilton Viewmatic and a Tag Heuer both in excellent condition for very affordable prices.

      Both of those watches are worlds better then Orient.



        The budget automatic:

        Seiko SNK809 - $65

        The poor man's Speedmaster:

        Casio Edifice EF-503D - $85

        The J.Crew hacker:

        Timex Easy Reader + J.Crew strap - $25 + $20

        The Manchurian candidate:

        Sea-Gull M18x series - $120

        The secret agents:

        Orient Ray - $150

        Invicta 8926OB - $85

        The workhorse:

        Casio G-Shock DW5600-E - $50

        The ugly duckling:

        Seiko Black Monster - $175

        The old geezer:

        Vintage watches from lesser-known brands - $50-200

        (P.S. I don't own all of the above watches - just figured they were some good affordable staples. I can post my collection at some point if anyone cares.)




          I have been looking at getting that exact seagull you posted. I might pull the trigger on that soon.



            The Sea-gull is really sweet. I wonder what's the best site to buy sea-gulls for a decent price and not get hosed with a fake.



              Despite his sketchy name, "trusthonestman" on eBay is supposed to be a pretty legit seller.


     also sells them, but charges more and mostly has the more expensive models in stock.




                BenR, I like the look of the Sea-Gull. The others don't do it for me.

                bremersm, I don't know if I agree. Better is relative.



                  Hamilton and most Tags almost all have ETA movements and without knowing the exact model of TAG, I'm not sure I would call their build quality 'worlds' better. I have been very happy with the Orient watch I own.

                  Joe posts this quartz Bulova in stainless steel a lot, I have it in two-tone with Rose Gold. The band is kinda cheap and is worth replacing, watch also looks killer on NATO straps. Got mine for like $85 on Amazon:

                  I'm a big fan of Tao's line of homage watches, their IWC Yacht Club clone in particular, $80 with an Automatic Movement:

                  Parnis also makes decent homages using a sea-gull automatic movement, this Portuguese homage goes for $85:

                  Alpha, another brand that sells automatic powered homages, mostly of Rolex and some Omega models. Around $80, also:

                  Rotary is a line sold in an English dept store (Argos I think?) with some inexpensive homages. I got one used on eBay for $50, not sure how much they retail for now. This is a homage of the Breitling Navitimer:

                  Don't own one of these, but for around $200ish you can get one of these awesome Seikos and put in a custom dial for a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms homage. The Seiko, even without the custom dial, is still a cool watch:

                  I know I posted a lot of homages, so sorry if anyone doesn't like the idea of homages.



                    My favorite SeaGull is their moonphase, which I think might be the most affordable moonphase on the market. $350:



                      I've been using a Parnis homage that is similar to the Rotary posted above but with a blue face for 3 years without any issues. The chrono still runs fine (the chrono arm is a little off center but I don't care at this point).



                        I bought that Parnis is 1 part of my best mans wedding gift (my weddings colour is going to be Tiffany blue, and the watch hands close to match it, so it should look nice)



                          @Pratyk, there is a way to reset and zero the chronograph hand on Quartz models. I had to do it to my rotary when I first got it. Its since gone off again and I don't care enough to do it, but I'm sure its an easy google search if you did want to take the minute it takes (wow, I am lazy)



                            Hahah.. Thanks, VespaMatt. I'll give it a shot this weekend. I did get my watch repair kit today so it should be easy if I need to open up the case and work on it.



                              I really like that Sea-Gull that BenR posted. And actually, I like this thread a lot in general. A good watch is one of those items I'm hoping to get down the line. I'm tired of relying on my cell phone for time-telling, and I feel like a watch can add a level of sophistication to any outfit.