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The Best Business Casual Outfit

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    The Best Business Casual Outfit

    I have been reading Dappered and Threads for a long time and thanks to both sites I have come across a lot of great items. But I crave simpler more classic style at times and that got me thinking. In your opinion what is the most classic business casual outfit a man can wear?

    I think that a white cotton oxford shirt with cotton/linen chinoes is my choice for the best business casual outfit. Especially when the shirt and pants are crisp and well pressed. For me I would throw in loafers and a nice watch and be set.

    So what do you all think?


    I'm pretty much in line with you. My work place is business casual and my personal "uniform" is slacks, button down, and a pair of oxfords.



      I don't mean to split hairs, but to me business casual is a new invention, and so 'classic business casual' is an oxymoron.

      I would agree that for spring and summer, cotton or linen pants are the best choice. I find wool pants better in the cooler weather. I also find oxford cloth a bit heavy for summer, and I tend to wear lighter shirts in summer.

      As for making it classic, I would add a cotton or linen (or cotton/linen) blazer in the summer, and a wool blazer in the winter. I think this is the best way to make business casual look classically stylish.

      I tend to add a casual(ish) tie to my business casual look, and people are now used to it. It is by no means essential, but just something I enjoy.



        Dovetails nicely into something that came up today. My company is very definitely business casual. I have a professional job in a blue collar industry. Typical uniform is trousers/chinos, button downs, tie encouraged but optional. The only real rule is no jeans, ever.

        Today I am wearing suede wingtip bucks, white broadcloth button down w/tie, blazer and dark tan cords. And a manager half jokingly said they were a little too close to jeans because of brass rivets. I disagree.

        So what do you think, do cords have a place in a business casual environment?

        Dress for style, live for results.



          Good question. I have worn cords at my job, and I think the rivets do make them more casual than chinos. Having said that, no one ever made a comment about them being too casual. I think usually in a strict 'no jeans' environment, people just focus on the fabric rather than the styling.

          All this suits me, I like being able to wear cords to work



            cords are fine, as long as the cut is more traditional and not 5-pocket. The finer the wale, the more formal too.



              While I don't own one myself, I'm a big fan of tie with bar. Especially if it's a knit tie, I think it can finish off a business casual look very well.



                I work at a church and the dress code is (Business) Casual. The normal attire for my coworkers consists of a polo or over-patterned, billowy button up, pleated khakis or jeans, and run of the mill shoes.

                My outfits usually consist of chinos (grey, navy, khaki, light blue, red), trousers, slim fit dress shirts (some solids, gingham, stripes, etc), sharp but not to businessy ties (mostly cotton), and nice shoes. Occasionally I'll throw in a jacket. Sometimes I go jacket but no tie, and others I'll go tie but no jacket. I try to only do tie with no jacket when I'm wearing chinos. Feels a bit less awkward that way. I just try to find the line between looking good and being overdressed and stay on the casual side of that line.