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Where do you guys go to get your stuff tailored?

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    Where do you guys go to get your stuff tailored?

    I have a few shirts that can use some tailoring. I did a quick search in my area and got a lot of Jos A Stone, Menswearhouse....and one or two local places for results. Do you go with the little local spots or a bigger known store? NYC is a train ride away, at $30, and im sure there are tons of place in the city,but would rather stay local.


    Stay away from the department stores and Menswearhouses. Find a smaller reputable place that knows what they're doing.

    Dress for style, live for results.



      If you're really that close to NYC, you shouldn't have any trouble finding an old Italian tailor who has his own shop.



        Many dry cleaners also do alterations. I probably wouldn't take a $1000 suit there, but tapering shirts should be fine. If you're hesitant, bring a shirt that you don't really wear as much to "test" them before you cart in your whole wardrobe.



          Yeah, if you have a regular place you go to for dry cleaning they shouldn't have any trouble tailoring shirts for you....I took a few of mine to my local dry cleaners and they did a great job and only charged around 7$ for each shirt (sleeves and sides slimmed down), I'm sure they'd charge a more reasonable price than a traditional tailor



            Agree with Pitt -- no need to go to a bespoke tailor for getting your shirts done (unless you want shirts made); try out your drycleaner and go from there (with one shirt, of course, in case they butcher it). I imagine there are other places around your area (Long Island, CT or NJ, etc.) that would do just fine.



              "Where do you guys go to get your stuff tailored?"

              To the tailor? (Couldn't resist.)



                Oh Alan... ;-)


                Pros: Cheap, local, accessible, fast turnaround.

                Cons: Usually women with limited English who know how to sew, not tailor.

                Solution: Bring two shirts when you go - one that fits you perfectly. If you don't have one, bring a picture instead. The other shirt that you're actually getting altered should not be your favorite because this is a test. Explain what you want and hope for the best. If it goes well, keep bringing more over! If it doesn't, don't even bother again! Just find someone else. Use an operation like this for sewing buttons on in the same place (but not for moving buttons on a collar or your DB suit unless you enjoy suffering) and for "this goes here" or "there's a tear in my Old Navy pants".

                Small Menswear Alterations Shop

                Pros: Usually operated by men with many years of bespoke experience, know what is trendy for menswear these days, and while they benefit from your input, they have a sense already.

                Cons: Much more expensive, harder to find local ones (mine is a block away, but I'm exceptional =D), often can expect a 3 week wait, usually limited English too, but they know the tailoring terms.

                Solution: You don't have to skip them for shirts and only bring $1000 suits. Many times, their shirt prices are competitive with seamstresses, but not always. I will never take a suit of any kind to a seamstress again after screwing that up. Use these guys for even for simple things when getting it right matters or when you're getting your cashmere sweater's tear repaired.



                  I use my tailor for everything. My tailor is competitive, quick and they know their stuff (it is a couple). The few times I have had alterations done by dry the cleaner I have been disappointed. I realize that I am also in the minority in having a tailor nearby that does a good, reasonably priced job on (exclusively) menswear.