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T-Shirts with Graphics: Yes or No?

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    Used to have a bunch of them (souvenir t-shirt, free tech t-shirts at conventions, and college t-shirt) and would wear the first and last when doing errands. Now, most of them are in a bag (should just donate them) and use the rest as chores/lounge/pj t-shirt...basically at home when there is no guest.



      @pdx_nate, I don't want to speak for thmage, but I'm assuming he meant a business you have no connection too. Although I doubt he knows Jack Johnson personally, he obviously respects what he does and thinks he deserves the recognition.



        @pdx_nate: I didn't really mean local businesses, that's totally fine. I more meant things like Hollister or American Eagle where the entire design of the clothing is to advertise buying more of the clothing. For example:

        I mean, if someone actually wanted to advertise Hollister and bring them more customers, that's fine. But I doubt many people wear those shirts for that reason.



          I was thinking about getting this tee and hanging it on a wall if I didn't wear it.



            Yeah, I think they're alright. You know - provided you're in the right circumstances. I used to have a bunch of silly graphic tees I just kind of accrued over the years, but I've since gotten rid of the vast majority of them. With that said, I still kept about 8-10 ones I couldn't bear getting rid of, either because I'd had them forever and it seemed kind of sad to throw them out simply because they were "childish", or because a part of me still genuinely likes them. In terms of fashion, I think plenty of people can wear them in ways that are very appealing, even if I don't personally think they're the best look for me anymore. I used to have an art history professor who wore really nice, well-fitting suits to class every day, but on exam days he'd usually come with something more casual, and it'd frequently be a pair of slim dark jeans, some nice boots, and slim fitting graphic tee under a slim fitting hoody under a slim sport coat. I think as far as the whole "urban chic" thing, it's a pretty slick look for those who can pull it off. I'm a little jealous that I can't! With me it just seems sort of contrived.

            But you more or less captured the points at which I wear graphic tees. I've found they make great shirts to sleep in, or lounge around in. I also wear them when I'm cleaning around the house, moving, or when it's super hot out and I just need to run to the store. I never really got down with band tees, but I think those are fine, too. I'd also say that a lot of the ones I kept (most, even) are tapestries of color. One of the things that I've really lamented is how... uncolorful menswear is without looking garish. I think there's something visually engaging about a graphic tee full of a bunch of different colors. It's like street art, but on a shirt! I like it in the same way I think Indian formal clothing looks nice. It's just... pretty? I don't think that's a bad thing.



              I'll wear a tailored sport coat, graphic t-shirt, Chucks, and 514s on days when I want to advertise that I identify with nerd/geek culture.



                I have a bunch of Woot tees that I hardly wear, but keep them around for some of the casual things that people have discussed here. They used to be $10 shipped and are printed on American Apparel, which for $10 are generally good quality. I see now the price has gone up to $12 shipped, not that I've seen a design in a long time that I'd really consider. The Woot shirts usually all fell under the 'funny' graphic dept, though some I have are borderline artsy. I mostly reserve them for manual labor or sitting around the house when I'm doing laundry.

                I'm not willing to spend more than that on a graphic t-shirt.

                If I were trying to integrate them into a look, I like a tastefully designed tee layered under an open outerwear jacket or under a button up, casual shirt/shacket. I just feel in most cases I am trying to dress better than that, more mature.

                @Jose, I can't really agree with you on a plain tee not being stylish. I love the look of a well fitted, classic solid color t-shirt with jeans or a good pair of rugged khakis (think Alpha Khakis). Its iconic in the vein of Steve McQueen or James Dean. Although, per another post I made recently, I am leaning towards finding some good fitting henleys to fill in most scenarios where I would normally wear a plain t-shirt, since I find the buttons do add what you might think is lacking.



                  If it is something at least a little personal to you, or at least interesting, why not? I wear Ts pretty often (suits days I teach, jeans and a T days I don't). Most of the time it is a plain LL Bean or Lands end, but I have some Ts with graphics, and feel no shame in wearing them. My favorite has an illustration of a polaroid camera, although my Mork and Mindy T shirt is pretty sweet too. I rotate a couple band shirts too (Motorhead, a couple bands of friends).



                    Oh, and I just ordered one of these...


                    I have my reasons



                      I've moved away from them in favor of the flexibility of plain tees. I just find myself passing over them when getting dressed and, as such, I'm clearing them out of my closet.



                        I used to have a ton of them, but have been gradually phasing them out. I do have some athletic/slim fit ones that I wear like a red Avengers logo one, or my Saved By The Bell logo ringer T. I wear more solids than anything now, but nothing wrong with a graphic T for a laid back day, or under a button down for a casual night out.