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Choosing my first pair of boat shoes

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    Choosing my first pair of boat shoes

    Hey guys,

    While I like my sneakers quite a bit, I'm getting tired of wearing them all the time. I also want something that pairs better with chinos (my sneakers are grey suede, it's hard to pull off with chinos). So I'm in the market for a boat shoe, as they seem very comfortable and college-friendly.

    I'd prefer something in the brown color range, as I think would pair best with my wardrobe, but I'll consider blues as well. The biggest restriction is pricing. I don't feel like I can spend much at the moment, so I'd like to find something for under $50.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions, thanks!


    I think I picked up my first pair, some random brand, from a rack room (or something similar) for 30 or 40 bucks. They held up decently although I didn't wear them super regularly. If you're willing to go just a little bit higher than $50 you can pick up the L.L. Bean Casco Bay boat shoes. I imagine with a sale they'd get you into that $50 range.

    Also depending on what size you wear, you might be able to get a good deal on Sebago Docksides through Amazon. Some of the size/color combos dip into the $50s (and not just the wild ones).



      Thanks Deke. I also have a $10 LLB gift card, so that will help if I get those ones.



        I can also vouch for the LL Bean Casco bays. They look good and seem to be well made. Very comfortable.



          I have the LL Bean Casco Canyon. That's a good buy. The leather's nice. Feels like it's oiled out of the box. Wore it in light rain for past 2 days and no sign of water on the shoes.



            These are the three I've got it narrowed down to for myself, it may be helpful to you too:

   (30% off until midnight with codes) - if you get these tonight you can return them at any time and they'll be under $50 shipped.

            The LLBean boat shoes

            Sebago Docksides in Brown:

            I have the Sebago hamiltons in sz 10 and I love them, can anybody vouch for the comfort of the Docksides?



              I saw the LE ones too, but was worried by the lack of reviews.



                @LosRockets: I can concur with the plethora of comments on the Sebago Docksides that they are a killer to break in. I have decided to man up and forego the socks during the break-in period because, well, I don't like the look with socks. Instead I bandage up my heel and toes

                I've worn them four times now for a whole day each and they're just starting to get a little soft. Hopefully with several more wears, they'll be as comfortable as a pair of canvas Sperry Topsiders come full-blown summer time.



                  I went ahead and purchased the Sebago Docksides in brown, hoping they soften up quickly. I've just not been a big fan of sperrys, mostly because they seem to wear out rather quick, but I'm hoping I get a couple years out of these and that they're comfortable on my feet.

                  @thmage, I avoided the LE ones for the same reason. The leather also doesn't look as good



                    Ditto on the break-in for Docksides. They were very stiff our of the box. I've had them for a couple weeks now and I've been wearing them in most of my non-work situations. They're definitely better now than they started, but they definitely still have a little more breaking in to go. Regardless I liked the way they felt the first time I wore them, and they're just getting better. I just wouldn't expect them to blow your mind in the comfort department right out of the box.



                      This was my first pair:


                      I look forward to receiving them.



                        @akosmowski, your link doesn't work, but I'm guessing you meant the LE Leather Boat Shoes? Let me know how they are when you get them.



                          GAH! Let's try this:



                            I have been wearing these Sperry Top Siders in navy. I thought the navy would be weird, but I now really like it. I'm on my third pair; they've lasted for a summer of wearing 3-4 days a week.




                              So, a report on my boat shoes above. I find them rather comfortable, which is odd because I find boat shoes uncomfortable in general. They are sewn instead of glued, and they are true to size. In other words, they are a good pair and would recommend them, as long as they are still in stock!