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    just a little too big...

    Hey all, just wondering how much you guys are bothered by clothing that you know could fit better. For example, I have a pair of Red Wings that are 8's (I tried them on wearing thick wool socks) when in reality I barely wear wool socks, and thus they're about a half size too big. Additionally, I have that J Crew Peacoat in a Small instead of an XS. I was just curious as to whether this bothers anyone else to the point where they consider taking the loss and getting a better fit (especially when these are items that could last for years and years.



    Most of my things like that are thrifted items... stuff that I thought fit perfect (or close enough), in the heat of the moment at the thrift store - then realized later on that it's not really working very well. Usually I end up returning them (if I can) or just giving it up as a bad job and redonating them. Fortunately I don't usually lose much money on them since they're so cheap to begin with.

    I do have a couple pairs of shoes that fit right with thick wool socks and feel too loose with thinner socks. But I'm a thick sock kind of guy, even in summer, so it's usually not a big problem.




      I'm in California every summer, so unfortunately thick socks aren't a possibility (although my Red Wings aren't going to get a ton of play in the summer anyway). The peacoat situation bugs me though, especially since I'd be a lot warmer in one with a snugger fit.



        Does the peacoat fit right in the shoulders? If so, it might be worth consulting with a tailor and seeing what you can do to make the fit perfect. That would probably work out to about the same cost as trying to flip your old coat and buy a new one.




          I hadn't thought of that, I didn't even know that was possible with a thick coat... It's stored away till winter, but I may have to go back and drag it out to see how well it fits on the shoulders now..



            I also have some Florsheim Hawley's that are FAR too large, considering just selling them on eBay/to a nearby thrift store that pays good prices and picking these up:



              really, I'm the first to post a "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID" ???



                Insoles will probably help with the shoes if its just a half-size too big.

                For clothes, diet will fix it:



                  I've made the classic mistake of realizing that my wardrobe needs a change, buying a bunch of on-sale clothes to replace my old stuff without really focusing on the fit, and then realizing that they don't fit all that great.

                  I mean, so what if a $12 OCBD from Lands' End is still a little too baggy... But throw on say six on-sale LE(C) shirts between $12-$15 of various styles and now I have seven shirts that don't fit that great.

                  So I'm getting really picky now--I ought to be building on staples and basics that fit really well and then going from there.

                  This kind of nailed it on the head for me:




                    Now I know I spend too much time on the Internet, because I can tell you exactly which thread on SF that picture of the suit on This Fits came from.

                    The message is on point, though. It's why people looking for their first suit should absolutely not be looking on the Internet for it, especially places like Indochino or eBay. Even going to Men's Wearhouse to get a better sense of what looks BAD is better than blindly buying on the Internet without knowing what you're looking for.



                      ^ not only that but I can tell you off the top of my head that it's spoo, and that the shoes are carminas.



                        @rnj I made that mistake! I should have bought an M and an S to try but instead I bought three M and now I'm shrinking them in the dryer to (hopefully) a perfect fit. In general, I've learned to reallly hold off on mass LEC purchases because the sizing is crazy.



                          LMAO @ hornsup

                          This is the only style forum I visit, and I do this on purpose to limit my time sucking!

                          To the OP: I hear you. I'm on dress shirt sizing experiment Round #3. I've spent hundreds of dollars on each round, and I hope this is the last trip on the merry-go-round. Fortunately, I'M not changing size or this would be a true nightmare.

                          Now's a great time to get a winter coat tailored because when you need, you won't want to part with it for 3 weeks at the tailor.

                          I think there's a time and place to be fussy about fit. For casual pieces, you have to approach it with more latitude and do things like roll up the sleeves, leave the collar unbuttoned, roll the pant leg when they're too long, etc. For formal pieces, it's time to be picky and keep banging away until you find a tight fit. twss



                            @MattC: I second the insole recommendation. A slim one like the black Superfeet low volume insole, though pricey, can actually do wonders for helping an oversized shoe fit good enough.

                            Case in point: I can fit in a 7.5D Allen Edmonds Bradley, but I use the insole I mentioned above to fit in an 8.5E AE Sanford, albeit a little loose but still comfortably wearable, though the lacing can be a little fussy on my instep, hahaha. It doesn't slip around to the point where it's unwearable, I'll say that.

                            If I double my socks with a thicker sock underneath a dress sock, I don't have to lace it as tight and therefore it's more comfortable. But I don't double my socks like that because I look like I have cankles.

                            @LosRockets: Same here. I made a mass purchase of 26 items during their Spring sale and have returned most of them. I'll take a BR extra-small sweater for $30 over a LEC small sweater for $20 to avoid the dryer shrinking experiment. If LEC carried extra-small I'd have better luck, though next time I might take a look at their Boys department...



                              I have several items I don't love the fit of because I bought them before I learned what to pay attention to regarding fit. I've had luck shrinking some cotton items in the dryer, and have some things that should have some tailoring done, but so far nothing that was expensive enough that I feel bad not wearing it.

                              As for shoes, insoles can help for shoes, but honestly, don't wear shoes that aren't comfortable, it's just not worth it. I've spent probably hours fiddling with insoles and adhesive padding to make shoes fit right, but nothing beats shoes that are just the right size. I bought a few pairs from the CLAD fire sale and all of them ran large, and got rid of a pair even though I hated giving up such a good deal. The other pairs, interestingly, ended up being surprisingly comfortable with insoles. You win some, you lose some.