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    Originally posted by CJMichaelRay View Post
    And it now looks like I won't have them by the end of this week because I just received an email that they ran out of stock, although their website still shows that model & size being available. They offered to send me a pair in a half size up or a half-size down (the original size purchased, which did not fit). I had asked if they would be able to accommodate a free return in case it did not fit and I had to ship back a pair yet again, and the response I got was that I could either get a refund or pick a different pair.

    This is extremely frustrating as a first-time buyer from this company and I would like to get y'alls input, if you think it's too much to ask for a free return in case a replacement pair in the same style doesn't fit, since they couldn't provide me with the size I ordered over a month ago. I'm honestly not really interested in any of the other shoes that they carry at the moment.
    That really sucks, sorry your first time experience with them has been such an ordeal. I think it's perfectly reasonable to ask for a free return since they promised you a pair in the original size and couldn't deliver. If they refuse to give you a free return then I'd ask them when they expect a restock in the size you want. Chances are the half size up will be too large.
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      After I pointed out it showed it was in-stock, they messaged me saying that they received a new shipment and I'll priority-mailed a new pair with 2-day shipping. Hopefully, this shitty situation will be over in a few days.



        I've read multiple threads online, the Hiro last sounds like a toss up. I want to buy some cordovan boots, but affraid they won't fit properly. Any advice for an 11d brannock, AE 65 last 11d, Nike 12d, wolverine 11d.