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Rolex Explorer II or Omega Seamaster?

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    All my new Rolexes have been purchased from Jomashop. They come without any warranty card, not even a blank one, only a manual. I find they are ok to buy from and have the best selection and pricing for an online dealer, but everything I've heard about their warranty work is that it seriously blows. Of course, the amount I've saved buying from Joma vs an AD is typically well over $800 - which is about what I'd pay out of pocket for full service at a Rolex Service Center. So my thought is I will take the savings now and risk that I may have to use most of it to repair the watch if any issues with it arise. So far, however, none of the probably dozen watches (including the Rolexes) I've bought from Joma have exhibited any problems.

    But, Rolex ADs are currently offering 5-year warranties so if you aren't willing to take a small gamble like I am, and you want the shiny warranty card with your name on it and everything, I think it may be worth it to go through a local AD if you can. I wanted to buy my most recent from an AD and actually made a four hour round trip to shop there but they did not have the model I wanted in-stock and could not give me an estimated restock date unless I put down the money to special-order it (which I didn't want to do, since part of the appeal of buying from the AD was the ability to try the watch on before I bought it). So if you use an AD, maybe call ahead of time to make sure they have the models you want to see in-stock.


      I've had good experiences with DavidSW ( ) - bought my Rolex from him, smooth transaction, solid prices. It was (barely) used, under 6 months from an AD purchase, so was under warranty for a while still. If you're fine getting used vs. brand spankin new, his site is worth visiting once in a while to see what's come in stock. I understand he's also opening to ordering new watches for you, and gives reasonable pricing on those, but no personal experience doing that with David.


        Thanks gents.