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An Inexpensive Sapphire Quartz Dress Watch

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  • An Inexpensive Sapphire Quartz Dress Watch

    Growing up I would only ever wear the $20 or less Timex analog watches you can get at department stores. That changed when my father bought me a blue dial quartz Seiko with a sapphire crystal as a graduation survived a 15ft pavement slide when I wiped out on my bike but alas I misplaced it at some point and haven't been able to find the same model.

    Fast forward several years and I currently own a Casio MDV106-1AV that I put a bracelet on. I really can't complain since it's an amazing piece that looks like it costs a lot more than I paid for it, but I do have two minor quibbles: it's not a true dress watch and it doesn't have a sapphire crystal. In fact I did recently get a scratch on it and need to look into how to get that out...

    So, I'm in the market for something that I would wear a bit less often but still relatively frequently (my workplace is on the casual side of business casual but I wear a tie with trousers 3-5 times a week). The three main specs I'm after are that it should be on the dressier side, with a sapphire crystal and quartz movement. I would prefer to stay under $200 but if I need to pay more to get those features I'm somewhat flexible. What are your suggestions?

    I'll provide some examples of what I like below; maybe that will help guide the discussion. Thanks in advance for your insight!

    IWC Portugese Chronograph 3714-45/3714-46: Maybe my grail watch? If I had to pick I'd lean towards the blue hands/white dial variant...very much out of my current price range and automatic
    Prometheus Signatura: This is beautiful but is on the expensive side, plus it's an automatic
    Seiko SNDC31: I actually don't mind that it's a chrono as it still looks classy. But no sapphire crystal, and some people have mentioned that it can be hard to read since the hands blend in with the dial
    Daniel Wellington Dapper St. Mawes: Love the blue hands/white dial/brown strap combination, but the blue isn't as vibrant in person as I'd like (example from [MENTION=14616]CJMichaelRay[/MENTION]), and again not sapphire
    Bulova 96B104: Simple, dressy, quartz, almost perfect! If only there was a sapphire crystal option for sale