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Rebuilding My Denim Collection

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  • Rebuilding My Denim Collection

    Need some advice here, gentlemen --

    My current jean stock has dwindled to two pairs of Levi's: a black and indigo pair of the on-the-outs 501 CT model.

    I've been pretty happy with this style, but can't help but feel like there's something better out there.

    I need to stock back up, and am thinking about sticking with Levi's. I'm set to graduate college in two months, and they're cheap and reliable. I've worn them since I was a kid, and sported the standard 511s until about three years ago when my legs started getting a little huskier. After trying on a pair of 511s a few days ago, I determined they're still way too tight.

    If I do stay with Levi's, my options include buying out the few remaining pairs of 501 CT, or trying some of their other tapered fits -- the 502 regular taper, the 512 slim taper, and the 541 athletic cut. I haven't sampled any of these fits yet. I'm also considering just stocking up on some good old-fashioned 501s and taking them to the tailor for a whole lot of tapering.

    Whatever I decide to do, I value cohesion and limited choice in my wardrobe. I want to find my perfect pair of denim, owning just one cut of jeans from one brand in only two or three shades.

    I'm also interested in giving the likes of Acne or APC a shot, but don't know if they're worth the price or would look attractive with my build (I'm a 36x32 pant).

    Should I stick with Levis? Venture out into the unknown?

    Any particular Levi's/Acne/APC fits you'd recommend for me?

    Essentially, I'm just asking for some sage direction to carry me into this new chapter of my denim-dependent life. I know I'm all over the place right now. Denim has always been a weak point for me, and I need some help. Cheers.

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    Have you looked at Gustin? They offer lots of different types of denim, and at a price that they claim is much lower than other selvage denim brands, and I believe they have three fits. If I were in the US I would have tried them a long time ago (sadly our dollar has plummeted and shipping to Canada is so much more than in the US, making them not so great a value).


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      I've stuck with 501s as Levi's other cuts don't work. I might have had a pair of 514s at some point but prefer the button fly of the 501s. I buy a couple pairs ever 2 years to replace my old ones which get relegated to house/yard work duty.

      One day I may try something different as Dappered is all about the stretch jeans these days but selvedge is out of the question for me.


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        APCs New Standard might work for you but they're not worth the price tag. The only reason I would suggest APC is if they fit you really well. There are so many other brands out there now around that price point that offer much better quality.