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    Originally posted by Geo View Post
    N&F is known to have a lot of variation between production runs so its hard to rely on a generic size chart. I think their biggest fit issue is that their back rise is way too low. This often doesn't show up in size guides but its pretty important. Take a look at the fit guide on the N&F website. The model for the Weird Guy has no ass but it looks like he has a terribly uncomfortable wedgie.

    The 770 definitely has a higher rise. Its more of a mid-rise fit compared to the Weird Guy which is about as low as you can get. I don't know the actual measurements of each but you'd be surprise how much an added half an inch can make. Especially if it has a proportionately high back rise. Again, just look at the model on the JCrew site and you can see the difference.
    Noted regarding N&F inconsistencies. I don't really have a large posterior either so I find the Weird Guy back rise to be sufficient. I haven't tried 770 so I can't comment, but compared to most jeans I've tried Weird Guy has a higher rise for me. This is including Levis 511, 514, and Gustins. We are likely to have quite different body shapes, so that's probably why you think the rise on WG's are as low as you can get, but it's not been my experience with them. OP, YMMV I guess.