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Thoughts on longwings in general, these AE Macneil in Particular

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    Originally posted by josiahv View Post
    Hey folks,

    I wanted to get the general opinion on longwing butchers from the threads community. When I first started dressing better I saw them as clunky and old manish, but for some reason they are beginning to appeal to me. Perhaps I'm getting old manish?

    Second, thoughts on Allen Edmonds MacNeil in Chili and brown grain with Dainite sole specifically?

    I have a couple pairs of wingtips, Stafford Logan butcher and AE Merlot Mcallisters, but have been considering adding a longwing. I'd probably wear them with flannel trousers, chinos, and perhaps the occasional jeans.
    I have two pairs of MacNeils -- walnut grain on leather sole that were my first high-end shoes, and a pair of dark brown grain on Dainite. I love them both. The dainite pair also have poron insoles. They are cushy for airports and travel, but are just a bit tighter than my older pair.

    Regarding style and suitability for suits, consider the suits and your frame. I have a blocky build--I'm not fat, but have wide shoulders and am pretty much square straight down from there. Double sole longwings work for me better than, say, Gucci loafers. The brown MacNeils work great with my charcoal Burberry suit that has a subtle check. If you are thin, however, they might overmatch your frame and look clunky.

    Hope this helps,



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      IMO every man should own or at least try on a pair of gunboat longwings . Not being a fan originally I now own 6 pairs. Well 2 of those are AE Mc Gregors which are not really "gunboats", just longwings.

      I bought my smooth black calf McNeil 2.0's with the specific purpose of wearing them with charcoal and dark gray suits on days when I am in a "1950's/60's American man aesthetic" mood since gunboats is all they wore with their suits back then, apparently. I like that look a lot.

      Lighter colored pebbled gunboats I wear with trousers and sports coats. Not really a fan of the jeans or chinos with dress shoes myself.
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        I've wanted a pair of longwings for ages but never got around to getting a pair. At $157 I'm so tempted to pick up a pair of McNeils but I'm on a self imposed spending freeze. Not sure that will last through the weekend. I need to stop reading this site.