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Suggestions needed; Walnut / Tan oxfords

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    Suggestions needed; Walnut / Tan oxfords

    I'm looking forward to buy a pair of Walnut / Tan / Cognac oxfords (brogued or plain oxfords).

    Any suggestions? My budget is about 100-150. I landed a pair of AEs on ebay but they were the corporate casuals line with some funky sizing and I had to return them.

    Sizing: I wear AE Macneils/ Park Avenues 11.5 D. I have a pair of Florsheims at 12D.



    I'm looking for the same, and am waiting to buy AE's "Player's Shoe" from Nordstrom during their july sale for $200.

    If you don't mind getting a balmoral rather than a blucher (closed lacing vs open), then you can nab the McAllisters from Endless right now for around $220: (use cashback for 8% cashback)



      I have my eyes on the McAllister as well.. I wonder how bad (or good) are these.. The seller's asking for 125.. The soles look like they've got quite some wear.



        Look quite good to me. Pretty normal sole wear there - not worn down to the edges anywhere. Some scuffs and discoloration on the uppers, but we're talking used shoes here. I should watch SF for shoes...



          Does anyone have an idea on how Cole Haan Air ____ compare fitwise to AE staples like Park Avenue?



            Hes asking for 125 or best offer also. As long as there isnt a ton of interest in it, from my experiences with purchasing from SF sellers, you could get them for a bit cheaper. However if theres competition, $125 still seems like a good price for those, they look like he took good care of them.




              Any opinions on Cole Haan COltons for 138$ (after 30% off)



                If it was me, I'd buy used AEs on eBay. I have a pair of the aforementioned Walnut Player's Shoe that I got at Nordstrom Rack. Speaking of the Rack, that would be a great place to buy if you have one close. They tend to have other good brands like Magnanni and To Boot New York.



                  I picked up a pair of Penguin Bluchers for 69$ from for now as I was looking for something plain and sleeker than AEs.

                  Also, I figured I'd wait until Nordstrom's annual sale to pick up a pair of those AE Players Shoe if it does get to around 200.



                    FWIW, I love my Air Coltons. The built in nike air is extremely comfortable so there is no real break-in period. My AE Macneils were terribly uncomfortable for the first 4-5 times i wore them, due to break-in.

                    The coltons can seem like they are too tight/slim when you first put them on, but after wearing them for 1-2 full days they will stretch to fit.



                      AE Outlets are running sales right now as well. I stopped in last night to pick up a black pair of shoes to go with my suits and ended up with a pair of Brooks Brothers Strands in Walnut(these have rubber on the soles) for $160 instead. That was with a 20% of coupon the cashier had. She said they ship for free anywhere in the lower 48, so that might be an option. You can always call and see what they have to offer.



                        @ BenC, do you happen to remember which styles were on sale? I've been calling the closet AE outlet (2.5 hours away) but I keep getting their machine. Thanks in advance.



                          I had emailed the Freeport outlet regarding walnut / tan shoes and this is what I received the day before:

                          Park Ave- Walnut grain $259.00

                          Macneil- Walnut $259.00



                            @benC. Thanks for the heads up. Just bought my first pair of AE's. Rebranded fifth aves for brooks brothers. $200 shipped. Awesome.



                              @brokenbones: I was at the Jeffersonville OH outlet and they had the rebranded Fifth Ave and Strands for $199 and Lombards($149), those were the ones I tried on so I have the best info on those. They also had Kiowas on sale, Links, and several others. Sorry, I don't have better info, but I had to put blinders on while I was there so I didn't come home with several pairs of shoes. The sales person there was actually pretty good, she took several phone inquiries while I was there and advised people when the seconds were actually higher priced than firsts on sale.

                              @Flocka yw, hope you enjoy. I almost bought a pair of the fifth aves in black as well. Those are sharp looking.