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Quieter alternative to Timex Weekender

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    Quieter alternative to Timex Weekender

    I recently picked up the Timex Weekender Brown Leather Strap T2N637KW (, but I find the ticking to be simply too loud. If I'm anywhere quiet, say, reading a book on a quiet afternoon, all I hear is TICK TOCK TICK TOCK. After googling around, this seems to be the biggest complaint people have about the Timex Weekender series. Otherwise, I love the brushed case, cream colored face, and overall rugged casual look of the watch, as well as the fact that its not enormous, since I have pretty small wrists. Also like that I can switch out the leather band for a NATO strap if I want. The price is obviously fantastic. So I'm looking for a good alternative that won't be so loud. I'm willing to spend at most $200.

    What I've found:

    Citizen Men's BM8180-03E Eco-Drive Canvas Strap Watch (

    Not crazy about the black face.

    Seiko Silver Dial Chronograph Stainless Steel Mens Watch SNDC87P2 (

    Case is on the large end for me, and not sure about band with/NATO strapability

    Citizen Men's AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Watch (

    Again the black face

    Citizen Men's BL5250-02L Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch (

    Big, expensive, busy, and dark, but there's something cool about it.

    Tissot Men's T17151632 T-Sport PRC200 Watch (

    Like the face, but at 15mm, band is too small to switch for NATO strap.

    Victorinox Swiss Army Men's 241496 White Dial Chronograph Watch (

    Quite expensive, and black strap.

    I seem to have picked a number of chronos, but I have a super simple Skagen that I LOVE. Also, I'm not sure about automatics. Seems like a pain to have to reset a watch if I don't wear it every day, plus the cases tend to be really thick, which I don't care for. Any suggestions out there?


    I use that first Citizen as my weekend watch. In researching military-type watches, it had the simplest design. The Seiko 5 is very popular, and comes close, but it's an automatic, and for me that would need to be an every day watch.

    Get a NATO that works with the black face, and you're set. Here's mine:



      Noisy watches drive me insane. I was about to buy one of those weekenders and was lucky enough to ask people about it.

      Let me know what you find that's quieter - I'm in the market for an inexpensive watch.



        I have the same problem as you kinek. I've been looking around and have come across this Seiko 5 that is very close (

        I also like how it has the date and the day which.

        Hope this helps!



          I really like the L.L. Bean vintage field watch. Swiss-made, quartz, 100m WR, screw-down crown and caseback, and of course it comes with the L.L. Bean lifetime guarantee. You can only hear the tick if you actually hold it up to your ear. It's a solid investment at $99. 20mm lugs so you can use all the same straps you had for your Weekender.

          As far as automatics go, this Seiko 5 has got a khaki-colored face and might be more what you're looking for than the black versions. About twice the price of a Weekender - $70. You'll want to put it on a different strap, of course. It's got 18mm lugs so the J.Crew ones should work nicely.




            I would also suggest checking out Bertucci watches. They are mostly military inspired and they have a number of case sizes and styles. I myself have a C-1 with a black leather and black nylon strap that I switch between. The Timex Weekender straps they sell at Target also fit my case, so I can swap in some color when I feel like it. The watches are made in the USA too. All are quartz movements if i remember correctly.



              Thanks for all the input! I went and tried on a Citizen Eco Drive and it was just too big for my tastes/wrist size. I''m leaning toward the LL Bean at the moment. Anyone else?



                I picked this up about a year ago. Very cheap alternative, but it's quieter than the weekender, and it has worked just great. I personally like how absolutely basic this thing is. Also, the watch face is on the smaller size, so you might like it.




                  There are too many options....

                  Try the Citizen BM8180-54A w a warmer brown leather band. If size is an issue, lot of Timex, +$200 Hamiltons, cheap Rams, etc. in that pilot/field range.