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  • Ratio

    So I just received my first Ratio shirt and I'm very impressed. In fact, I love it. I plan to buy several more but I'm wondering if I should wait for another discount. How often do Ratio discounts come around?

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    How long did it take to get yours rags? I ordered mine 4 weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived.


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      I was just about to order my first Ratio shirt...Did you order the slim fit or classic version? I have heard the slim fit is very slim fit unless you are very thin. Thanks for your help.


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        I have 4 of them in slim fit. 5'9" / 170 / athletic. Great fit.


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          @Jeremy B. -- I'm in the same boat, still waiting for it. Haven't received an email re tracking info either, which I think my receipt email said would happen, so...

          As for codes, I think that Bowties & Boatshoes' code for the purple mini-gingham ($20 off) should be working still:


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            Check that. 5. Just bought the Campus Oxford in blue.


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              Mine took 1 month on the nose. I got an email a couple of days before it arrived.

              I ordered the slim and I'm 6'1" / 190. It's near perfect for me.


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                I've got one right now and a few more on the way. Didn't get any notices until a few days before it shipped.

                I'm 6'4" and 180 so I had a couple inches taken out of the waist and 1 out of the hips. I was really happy with how easy it was to add more details to the fit.


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                  Baller. That Bowties & Boatshoes code slipped past me! Hmmm...can't wait for my windowpane to get here!


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                    I have a review of Ratio shirts coming out on my website TODAY and there will be a $20 off coupon, so wait for that. I'll make a post about that once my review goes live.


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                      Haha - I need a site to post $20 off a white and blue OCBD! Or the white twill. A windowpane and a purple gingham are great pieces, but I need the basics covered. That's why I've got two whites and a blue in my BB shopping cart.

                      It's possible I'm severely over-thinking this, but I'm fine with that.


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                        Good call on the Bows & Boats code being live for a few more days, I really love the purple.

                        @NicholasCrawford, the white and blue OCBD is worth every penny! I wore mine today and am extremely tempted to just take the plunge and order one of every OCBD.


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                          Yeah...closing in on a $18,000 month of spending thanks to the move. (That's a mountain of money to me, by the way.) So it's either a "What's another $300!" attitude or "Grab the life vests, kids! This is not a drill!" attitude. Man, I need to find a job out here fast!

                          I'd like to try the windowpane fit first before taking the plunge on another, so I'm looking forward to getting it in. =)


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                            Just got my shipment notification for my first ratio shirt... hopefully it gets here and I'm a fan in time to possibly take advantage of the B&B code for the purple. (ordered 03/28, to give an idea for those who are also waiting)

                            EDIT: I got the white signature twill, not the windowpane. It's been so long I had forgotten what I went with.


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                              Got my first Ratio shirt a few days ago (windowpane), wearing it now. I have a lot of shirts, some of them very nice, some of them tailored. Ratio's fits as well as any of them. Consider me hooked.