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Slim fit OCBDs for summer?

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    Slim fit OCBDs for summer?

    I have been having a really hard time finding summer slim-fit OCBDs for a decent price. Standard colors, white/blue/pink etc. All of the ones I have found have been "classic" fit or "relaxed" fit. Any suggestions? Thanks!


    This should help:




      Thanks man, I looked at that thread but all those links are dead. Was hoping for some fresh ones!



        Buy ones that fit your neck and shoulders and take them to the tailor.

        The CT Shirts sale is still going on, although these are OCBDs:



          Albeit, it's S/M/L sizing, this CT shirt fits the bill. Small is sold out.

          I have 3 non-iron OCBD shirts sitting in my Brooks Brothers cart to get the $219 pricing. Waiting until I have the cajones to pull the trigger, and I'm also waiting for my Ratio shirt to arrive. For just one shirt, though, it's $88...overlapping with Ratio's prices. My best fitting shirt in my closet is the ESF BB 14.5/34 with the button moved over to make it a 14.25/34. Once the Ratio shirt comes in, I'll know which one to order more of.



            If you're going to purchase CT shirts, pick up the Groupon going on -- $25 for $50 credit or $50 for $100 credit.




              Nice. So...cut the CT price in half! I don't fit their shirts, but it's a great deal!



                I keep getting excited about CT until I realize they don't do 14.5 collars with a 34 sleeve. Any recommendations other than BB's for an OCBD for skinny people with long arms?



                  There's something funky about the CT Groupon. It's not valid on the tie offer for one thing. The pricing looks shady depending on how you land up on a shirt page..



                  So if i buy the 100$ groupon for 50 and buy 4 shirts for 199$, effectively I'm paying 150 for 4 and in turn, $37.5 for each shirt. I'll have to buy 4 to justify the cost.

                  If I use the windsor link, I can order 1 shirt, get a tie and pay $39 only.



                    How does it not work with the windsor link?



                      Lands' End Canvas OCDB, wait for a sale then bring them to your tailor. I have 4-5 of them, all tailored. That puts me right around $35-$40 per shirt after alterations and they are the best fitting shirts I have.

                      Example: LEC Gull Grey OCBD, after alterations. Size: Medium



                        @Lance, Looks great! It's the wait for a sale part that gets to me. How do you post pics BTW?



                          @ Jeremy B.

                          < img src = " image url.jpg " / >

                          Without all the spaces. And keep in mind that the forum won't resize your images so if they're huge they will look pretty bad.




                            @JC. The groupon only works for multi-buys (like 4 for $199) and not for the windsor ones. It was explicitly mentioned by their customer reps in the Groupon Q&A section.

                            I thought of buying the groupon but decided against it. while $150 for 4 is nice, I hardly need that many shirts right now and I can find cheaper summer shirts for less @ Lands End, Target & Macys.



                              Ahh, good thing I didn't jump on it. I never read the fine print

                              I already have another CT shirt and tie on the way, so I should be good.