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If you could own one jacket

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    If you could own one jacket

    I am looking for a good deal on a jacket as I am revamping my wardrobe and I know this is probably when I can find the best deals. Seeing as jackets are one of the more expensive items to purchase, I may only have enough money for one before winter. I already have blazers, so speaking of actual "jackets", what is the best choice to wear with jeans, chinos, trousers....pretty much something that can be dressed up or down easily? My first thoughts were a trench, but what do you guys think? Thanks for your help guys.


    If you mean for winter wear, I'd say charcoal peacoat or something like the J.Crew University Coat. I think it would go well with everything but a suit (though if you did wear it over a suit I doubt most people would consider it inappropriate). I just bought the university coat myself and it's pretty good for the price (about $55 with the 30% off code).



      I would have to go with a pea coat. It's not as formal as a trench.



        @trash: any idea what the difference is between the regular and thinsulate versions?

        Ugh, final sale.

        From the live chat help: the thinsulate has an extra (non-bulky) layer for warmth.

        Add taxes and shipping at it's $71 for a non-returnable item. Gonna have to pass on it.



          Depends on your climate. A trench could work as an all-year coat if you live in a warmer climate, where adding some layers under the trench will keep you warm in winter.

          If you live somewhere more northerly, I'd recommend investing in a wool coat for winter. How formal it is really depends on what you want. A wool topcoat, car coat, or mac coat is your best bet if you're in suits a lot, but sounds like it would be too formal for you. Since your style is more casual, you might want to go for something like a wool field jacket. I have this one from BR and I like it a lot... it's perfectly warm for Montana winters if you layer intelligently, but not so heavy that I can't wear it in fall/early spring.

          A peacoat is another good option that can be dressed up or down, though IMO they aren't universally flattering on all body types.

          Jacket length is something you will want to consider. The only reason to get a long jacket is if you wear blazers or suits a lot, so that you can cover that completely. Otherwise I find shorter jackets are more comfortable and easier to wear and maintain.




            if you have cold winters, a pea coat. If your winters are milder, a leather bomber.



              @runners yeah the thinsulate is just an extra layer, I'm not sure if it's a liner or a filling like down, but I picked it because it was the same sale price even thought it originally cost $20 more

              It is final sale, but I bought a jacket from J.Crew previously in the same size so I figured it would likely fit similarly, which it did. It's a bit long on me, but that's true with just about anything I buy so I have to deal with it. If you don't know your size it's probably not worth chancing it unless you don't mind trying to resell it if you don't like the fit.



                Barbour Beaufort. Looks good casual and can be worn over a suit for a British Country look. You can get a zip-out liner and make it a winter jacket too.



                  I went this route with the Hugo Boss Black Coxtan during Nordstrom's One Day Sale last year.

                  It covers almost every base for me. With charcoal, I can wear it with anything, and being a wool/cashmere blend, it's super warm while still breathing well. Mine is a slight variation because I don't have the tab closure at the top, but it has the inner zip-up and three buttons over that.



                    I'm with Jason on this, go with a Barbour classic.



                      Personally I can't imagine only having one jacket... I'm kind of an outerwear addict.



                        And shoe addict, and sport coat addict, and thrifting addict... :P

                        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                          I live in a warmer climate (Texas), but I travel north frequently. I only have to dress business causal for work.

                          @Jason - I dont intend to only buy one jacket, but this may be my only jacket for a while, so I need it to be versatile.



                            Okay. I'll stick with my suggestion of a Barbour then.



                              agree with JC about being an outerwear addict. I have the J.Crew University Coat, standard Pea Coat, and an Oilcloth Meridian limited edition Pea Coat, a Banana overcoat, car coat, and this years khaki trench, a motorcycle jacket, and probably a few others I'm forgetting to mention.