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Cargos for dads?

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    Cargo pockets certainly have their place:

    But bear in mind this is where practical function trumps......EVERYTHING else.

    I'd just carry a small bag or backpack. It's a great place for toys, snacks, frag grenades, and anything else useful for a trip with toddlers.


      Originally posted by julius12 View Post

      If you're going to an amusement park and would rather stuff your cargo pants instead of bringing a bag for convenience, would you feel secure going on rides in a seated position (with your pockets sideways) knowing its contents could spill out? I'd rather leave my bag at a locker or with someone, or simply not bring too much stuff.
      mine zip. also, i can put my hands on the pockets if I need to. My teenager lost her phone out of regular pockets on a roller coaster. I lost anything from my pockets yet.


        I think cargo pants are okay, but they don't make sense, if you don't use them. That said, like others here, I doubt the utility of them.

        I don't have kids, but I am myself what a dad would need that would fit in them? I used to wear cargo pants quite regularly, and only occasionally put a book in there. Most of my stuff fit in my regular pockets, or was too big for the cargo pockets.