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Help me change my sock drawer

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    Help me change my sock drawer

    I pretty much match my socks to my pants or shoes, which can get pretty boring and doesn't offer much up in terms of style. What should I be looking for in terms of revamping my sock collection? Anything on the cheap side from brick and mortars such as Target, etc?


    I often see packs of 3 or 4 argyle/houndstooth/patterned socks for about $5-10 at TJMaxx or Marshalls, maybe be worth checking out all the local ones.



      You can find Goldtoe or Hilfiger combo packs at Macys as well at about 12-16 for 4-pack.

      I got Calvin Klein egyptian cotton socks at my Macys yesterday for 4$ a pair..



        Don't bother with the Meronas from Target. I bought a few argyle pairs and they had holes in them and threads were sticking out after one wear without even washing them. Sure $2.50 is cheap for a pair of dress socks, but $2.50 for one wear is expensive.



          Express, LEC, Gap, Happy socks, BR (with sales). As much as I love the price of the Target socks, they fall apart. I don't go for ridiculous socks but they are a good place to add some splash. Argyle, stripes, dots, checkered, etc. Much like a pocket square, socks should complement an element of your outfit. They don't have to "match" your shoes or pants.

          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



            TJ Maxx/Marshall's is good for cheap dress socks, but they're pretty crappy (at least the pairs I've bought). I have a set that are poly or nylon or something, and not only did the fabric start to weaken at the heel after a single wear, they don't breathe well at all. I'd stick to natural fibers or blends that are mostly natural, and check out Nordstrom Rack too. You don't have to pay $10/pair, but you can definitely find decent quality mostly cotton pairs for $3-$4 each.



              These are my favorite pair of socks in my sock drawer. Laugh all you want.


              Dress for style, live for results.



                I'd stick to natural fibers or blends that are mostly natural

                check out Nordstrom Rack too

                I'd second those. Usually the socks at Marshall's have no colorful patterns or textures. If they do, it'll be one of those 3-packs where one has stripes and everything else is bland for $9.99.

                Check out the clearance/50% or more sale "boxes" in the Macy's sock/belt section and check out Nordstrom Rack.

                $8 for a pair of socks is about the limits for me. I got a bunch of colorful Happy Socks at the Rack for $5.97 + tax. The stock at the Rack changes often so if you have one close by, you can give yourself an excuse to just stop by every now and then.

                I'm not a fan of mercerized cotton socks. Not a fan of Cole Haan's "luxury blend" socks.

                Look at the threads on the socks to see if they're coming apart before you even buy them. I saw those on some Merona socks and figured they would be a one or two-time wearing sock.

                I purchased some colorful Bugatachi Uomo socks at the Rack that also had that problem. Real nice colors, real nice sheen to the material, but one of them was coming apart after just a few hours of use so I returned them all.

                Polo socks at Macy's (rip-off at $18 for 2):

                Club Room socks at Macy's:

                Bugatachi Uomo socks at Nordstrom Rack ($8 but returned them all):



                  My colorful pack of socks I got at topman (online) were cheap and have held up pretty well.



                    Speaking of the actual drawer itself, I'm thinking about buying something like this.


                    Does anyone use anything similar?



                      I just fold each pair in half and "file" them, standing on their edges. I generally always have enough socks in the drawer so they don't all fall over, and it's easy enough to see what the colors/patterns are. I tried rolling them but it only works if you have separated slots or if you stretch the opening out over the socks, which could cause them to lose elasticity.



                        If you're ever in NYC, Uniqlo has lots of socks in all sorts of colors and patterns. You can buy 3 for $10 or 4 for $10, depending on the style.



                          Well, I meant the good ones at TJMaxx/Marshalls, like the Goldtoes, Polo Ralph Laurens, and Woolriches there.

                          I agree, avoid the >50% artifical fiber ones, though they tend to be solid colors at the stores near me so it's a moot point.



                            i love topman socks =33059&storeId=13051&productId=4402778&langId=-1&categoryId=&parent_category_rn=&searchTerm=shark %20socks&resultCount=1

                            My fav socks currently