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Watch Winder - - worth it or hassle?

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    I have 2 winders. One from Wolf (WOLF 456002) and one cheaper from Versa. I can say that expensive is better, because the Wolf is superior, while the Versa have had some flaws over the years (For example, the glass doesnt close as tight like when it was new)
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      Unless you have a huge collection, it's not worth it.


        Even if you have a huge collection it’s not worth it. I’ve got (currently) 14 automatic watches and a broken 2 slot winder. So even with a pretty regular rotation I’d still have one run down before I wore it again. And why buy a winder with 14 slots when I could spend that huge amount of money on another watch, or 4, which would also possibly be automatic? A competent winder will switch direction so as to not damage the watch. The issue will be lubrication/use. Storage for a watch not being worn isn’t usually on the winder. Unless it’s in a regular wear rotation, placed flat or in a case is normal.

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