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Need Help Deciding Between 3 Watches

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    "You can read into what I said any way you want, but what was typed is that I wasn't naming any one in particular."

    Words do not have meaning, they have convention. This is my point, entirely. Convention of wording was used to give meaning to your writing, as otherwise, it is a collection of noises or scribblings on a paper. I pointed these things out because you are questioning why people said you are insulting them. This is why.

    "Sure, I later cited a real-world example of Jason's dress in a later post, but only to draw comparisons between that situation and the one he is so adamently admonishing here."

    And the subtext, you are talking about him.

    "and if people make assumptions about the entirety of your persona and being based on what type of watch you are wearing....well those aren't people i spend my time with. A lot of the best people in my life are ill-dressed. That doesn't mean i think less of them, that means they are doing what they want to do. They might value funcion or comfort over looks, and thats their choice."

    Here you have demonstrated my point for me quite handily, by telling me that by being ill-dressed, your friends are showing that value comfort or function over looks. Their clothing choices are showing you their underlying values.

    If you don't want to hang around people who notice societal norms, ignorance of them, or the choice to not follow them, whether in context of clothing or writing, then I suggest acquiring a number of cats.



      Ok, guys. This has moved from a discussion about watches into a slanging match. I think everyone has had a chance to say their piece.

      In the interest of keeping the Threads community as the positive and friendly place it always is, I'm closing this thread.