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Need Help Deciding Between 3 Watches

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    I think just the opposite. Don't get me wrong, I like dive watches and own a few, but I think it's easier and more elegant to dress a smart watch down than to dress a casual watch up. I am always more impressed when I see a guy wearing a simple, elegant watch on a leather band with casual clothes than I am when I see a guy wearing a flashy, chunky diver or chronograph with a suit. (Here in law school, the latter is sadly far more common.)

    To my eyes, this

    is a lot more impressive than this.

    This is the only Seamaster I'd want to wear:




      You aren't going to get fired for wearing a diver watch to work. If you did...that would make for an awesome lawsuit.

      I never said ford himself wears it, at least not that i've seen. But he does dress the "best dressed man in the world" who dons that look repeatedly.



        I agree that if you're a secret agent and will be wearing a suit while fighting / shooting / swimming / gambling / eating at fine restaurants all in the same day then a nice diver on a stainless steel bracelet is the way to go.



          While dude may be fictional, he is dressed by people who know what looks good backward and forward.

          And if we want to toss around insults...well don't get me started.



            No one's tossing around insults... yet.

            As a reminder, James Bond wears an Omega Seamaster because Omega pays him to do it. Not because it's a good style choice or because Tom Ford demanded it, or for any other reason. Bond has been wearing Omega since Goldeneye, well before Tom Ford got involved with the franchise.

            James Bond may be the "best-dressed man in the world" but his franchise is also the most heavily commercialized in the world. Taking Bond's style and taste (as reflected in the movies) as style advice received from on high is exactly what the advertisers want you to do. Bond's style and taste are available to the highest bidder. Why do you think he switched from Rolex to Omega? Because Rolex wasn't paying for an endorsement and Omega was. Same with the switch from Aston Martin to BMW and so on. That doesn't mean that Bond's style choices are inherently wrong or bad, but it doesn't mean they are inherently good, either. Just something to keep in mind as you watch the movies.




              True, but i also appreciate the rest of what he wears which, as of QoS, was pure Tom Ford. Its also a pretty big departure from how all previous bonds have dressed. Plus, its not like Omega makes only divers.



                While we're on the subject of Orient watches, which one would be more versatile: a Black Mako or Blue?

                Amazon's carrying them for around $120 and that's a nice price to buy as a gift for my old man..



                  Blue IMO



                    Both are equally versatile in terms of what you can wear them with - black and blue dials both go pretty well with black or brown leather straps, black rubber, various colors of nylon, or the stock bracelet. The blue will probably get more notice because black watches are so ubiquitous (especially black divers). From what I understand, the blue dial has a nice shimmer to it while the black dial is matte. It's more a matter of taste than anything.




                      I might pick up both.. black & blue .. and let my dad decide on which one he wants.. I'll keep the other one.. Thanks for the suggestions!



                        @Chris B: if you really want a watch as a great professional accessory, I wouldn't buy any of three watches for work. They'd all be "fine" simply by virtue of the fact that most people don't care about watches and you'll just be fitting in with everyone else wearing big divers to work. But I suspect if you just wanted "fine", you wouldn't bother to ask this question on a web forum. I concur with BenR. Get a proper dress watch and wear it on a leather strap.

                        @BenR: I have the previous generation Aqua Terra with the silver starburst dial and I love it. It's the only dress watch I have that I wear on stainless.



                          In reply to the original poster: The Dive watch is definitely the best of the 3. A dive watch is perfectly acceptable in most casual business environments now. Personally though, while I will not try to dissuade you from a dive watch or chrono with a suit, I think that DLC is too casual for a suit. But it's your look, it's an accessory, rock what's unique.

                          To those arguing Bond and rules of attire:

                          Sean Connery as Bond actually wore an unidentified gold dress watch with his suits. The only time the submariner appears on him in formal attire is the beginning of Goldfinger when his white dinner jacket was originally umder his dive suit as he had snuck in via the water (with a faux seagull attached to his head no less). Lazenby was on holiday with his submariner and wore a dressier Pre-Daytona as Sir Hillary Bray. Roger Moore has gadgets in his watches, thus of course he needed the larger housing - same with Brosnan. Dalton and Craig are the serious dive watch with suit abusers but even Craig is supposedly sporting a much more modest Aqua Terra with his suits for at least parts of the new film.

                          I do think that it is 'breaking a rule' and I personally wouldn't do it unless it was a nice time piece or should reflect something personal about you. If its a nicer watch, it's kinda like parking your Ferrari where the sign says no parking. Yeah, he's breaking the rules but it's an f'n Ferrari. Imagine if when Vesper is examining Bond's personality, she sees the dive watch and she asks if its a Rolex, and he replies that its a Seiko. He'd look kind of lame, wouldn't he? Modern technology has surpassed a dive watch but, another reasonable scenario would be you that you're actually scuba certified and that's why you own that style of watch. Lastly, history like being vintage or (better) family heirloom is another good reason.



                            One other piece of advice on watches, if this is for 'important meetings' ? It sounds like you already have a few watches. I think we easily fall into collector mode with watches and want a variety but, hey, we can only wear one at a time. It's nice to have a stable of watches but if you want a nice dress watch and if you don't have gigantic wrists, instead of buying 2-4 less expensive brands, go for a vintage watch from a well known brand. DateJusts can be had for a little over $1k and Omega less.



                     folk like us can talk until we're blue in the face about how dive watches are not appropriate with a suit. But the reality is that guys - including well-dressed guys - wear dive watches with suits all the time...and that's not gonna change anytime soon.

                              And why would it? If it's a slim enough watch to fit under the cuff comfortably (as the Orient definitely is), then the only reason not to is a rule that draws its logic from the fact that dive watches are "sporty" (designed for the sport of diving), and one should not wear sports attire to the office. But let's be honest...when you wear a dive watch with a suit, it's not because you're going to go diving later. You're not wearing the watch as "sports attire." It's a watch, not a damn baseball cap.

                              So if it's a clean, slim, and handsome watch, and you like the way it looks with your suit...wear it, and trust that the only person in your office who's gonna care is the W.I.S. who stays up until 4 am reading Styleforum.



                                You're probably not going to go play baseball when you wear the baseball cap either, so?