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Screaming deals at Lands End

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    Screaming deals at Lands End

    Just a heads up, I went into a sears today to return a LEC sweater I ordered online. The lands end section had crazy clearance stuff. THis place normally doesn't have LEC, but they had some on clearance. I got two pairs of LEC slim fit cords (brown and merlot) and two nice lands end sweaters. All for $7 a piece. Brought in a $25 sweater and exchanged it for two pants and two sweaters, not a bad day

    I would go check out a sears if you have one nearby


    thanks for the heads up!



      There are some good deals, but they're sold out of my size in most things.



        Yeah there was a guy in the thread (which has suddenly since then disappeared) talking about that. Thanks bro.

        Since the old thread is gone, may as well blog about LE here. I got my lands' end stuff in the mail the other day. What is with the awful chemical smell the clothes have before they're washed? I know new clothes are treated, that they all smell funny, but on the lands' end clothes it's so especially noxious I didn't want to try them on. it washes out fine though. now while on that topic, jcrew factory stunk too. i guess the factories in china have leftover agent orange to use as a delousing agent.

        The trad fit shirts from regular Land's End fit terribly baggy - meant to be worn by that guy from Total Recall with the baby in his stomach. I can see why the tailored ones are sold out. Too bad, the gingham looks good.

        I got a pair of vintage straight fit chinos and a pair of those refined fit chinos. I am a 29 inseam and got a 30, but even with that in mind, the pants have way too much of a break. The waist measurement was pretty honest though. Expedition green is very military green in person. if you wear that color, be prepared to explain what socialist movement you belong too. The cotton is pretty thick, definitely for cooler weather(im in so cal bros). Overall the pants only look like what they're worth, but at least they are not polyester.

        The watch cap (featured on!) does not fit my skull too well, it really has to stretch.

        I like the madras shirt though, that one isn't going back to sears. but again, you get what you pay for, so cat eye buttons (only 2 holes, cheaper to sew).

        LE has been pretty searsified, the kind of destruction of quality that happened to eastern europe after the reds took it over.



          They were pretty low on sizes I in the Lands End sweaters I bought. I was going to walk away because there were no mediums (usually wear a large, but a medium in sweaters since they always stretch) I tried on a small for the hell of it and being that traditional fit Lands End stuff is so big it fit pretty well. after stretching a bit it should be perfect.

          The LEC slim fit chords had a bunch of sizes left. I picked up the merlot and the khaki type color in 36x32 which I would think is a fairly common size. I sometimes wear 34 waist, but LEC slim fits are pretty true to the "slim" part



            You anti-Sears guys might have your wish.

            Sears is shopping Land's End, so perhaps this sale is a last ditch effort to fatten up the cow, so to speak, from a cash flow standpoint.

            Of course, if LE does get sold, I imagine there's a good chance both the monthly 30% sales and the entire Canvas line might disappear as well.



              Just ordered an oxford and a tipped polo




                Yeah, I read about this in the old thread and went to a Sears to check it out for myself. Unfortunately, their men's section was pretty small, so there wasn't any LEC stuff, but they did have a couple racks of regular Land's End stuff all marked down to $7! I got a navy cardigan that's actually pretty nice and fits rather well, and I'd been in the market for one for a while, so I feel like I got something decent out of the sale. From the looks of the men's section, and the women's section too (went with girlfriend), the racks had been picked pretty clean. Any idea how long this sale has been going on?



                  My local sears had a small 4 arm rack with stuff that was marked 70% off the original price. Didn't see anything worth buying.



                    My local Sears had close to nothing as well. They only carry the regular Land's End line which is a bit anemic anyways. There were two small clearance "racks" in each section. Mens, Womens, and Kids.