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hunting for a lightweight, hooded, waxed cotton (or similar) jacket

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    hunting for a lightweight, hooded, waxed cotton (or similar) jacket

    I own a lightweight rain jacket from Patagonia but it's not something that's going to win a lot of style points. I'm looking for something I can wear casually in cool-to-warm, wet weather. My style leans a little English countryside-meets-modern workwear anyway, so I've been perusing through the various options for lightweight, water-resistant jackets. Since I want it to wear in rain and drizzle, I'm thinking a hood is probably pretty important, and since I intend to wear it through spring, summer, and fall, light weight and a lack of insulation is also a requirement.

    As far as sizing goes, I'd go for a small in something that fits slim and probably an XS in something cut generously. Price-wise I'd prefer $200 or less but could probably stretch for something that was really perfect.

    Here's what I've found so far:

    Barbour Derwent $399

    This is probably the holy grail in terms of what I'm looking for. Lightweight and hooded. You've got the legendary Barbour quality in basic waxed cotton. The problems are A) it's expensive and B) it doesn't seem to be available anywhere in a size XS or S.

    Penfield Lockwood $165

    Not sure about the quality on this, or the country of origin. It's supposedly cut generously and doesn't come in an XS. Plus the material is a cotton/poly blend rather than traditional waxed cotton, which is kind of meh.

    J.Crew Winslow jacket $178

    I like the color and styling on this, and it's waxed cotton. The price is reasonable but I'm not thrilled about it being made in China. And it's available in XS and S.

    Kakadu Australia Nelson jacket $140

    This doesn't really fit my requirements but I'm throwing it in here because I like it a lot and the price is pretty spot-on. It's obviously based pretty heavily off the Barbour International/Belstaff Trialmaster and according to some online comments I've found, is not significantly different in quality. Definitely a badass-looking jacket and I think it's made in Australia. Plus it comes in size XS, which I would probably need from this brand.

    Peregrine TT jacket $270

    This is another jacket that doesn't quite meet my requirements but is simply awesome. A shorter, more modern cut than the Kakadu, but the same Barbour International styling. From a less well-known, and therefore perhaps less cliched brand than Barbour or Belstaff. Downside, other than the lack of hood, is that it's pretty expensive and I'd have to get it shipped from the UK.

    Any thoughts? Suggestions?

    P.S. I picked up a J.Crew Millerain waxed field jacket from eBay the other day and I'm waiting for it to arrive. It might meet my requirements but I'm a little concerned that the fit will be too big (all the reviews I've seen online peg it as fitting more like a medium than a small) and that it will be too heavyweight for my purposes. It's this, in black:



    Why the Derwent over a Bedale? Just curious

    If you're looking for small Barbour you might search eBay for Barbour Tokito... their collaboration with To Ki To in Japan uses Japanese sizing, so a US small would probably be a medium in those sizes.



      I'm not crazy about the collar style on the Bedale/Beaufort-type jackets. And I don't like that you have to buy the hood separately. I prefer integrated hoods over detachable ones as a general rule.

      [Mini-update] Just chatted with the J.Crew online folks. Sounds like the Winslow in an XS would work in terms of sizing, and they might be able to find me a size small Derwent in-store if I call them. Probably going to try that.




        I went ahead and placed an in-store search for the Derwent in size small, which commits me to a purchase if they actually find it. I guess the worst that happens is they find it, ship it to me, and I end up returning it in-store. I'm hoping the size small works since they don't offer it in an XS. If it doesn't I might go with the Winslow or the Kakadu.

        If it does work I might return it anyway, and try to get one at a better price on eBay or SF. I know Barbour jackets are supposed to be awesome but I'm not sure they're $400 worth of awesome.




          Yeah, if you keep your eyes open you can get them cheaper. FWIW I got my NWOT Beaufort for $150 and my barely worn Barbour Tokito motorcycle jacket (MSRP $750) for $250.



            I like the Kakadu jacket. It has a cool vintage aviation look. Never heard of that brand, I'll have to check em out.

            I have a waxed cotton Mavi Jacket that I got 4-5 years ago. It's still my go-to jacket. Great quality and I think it cost about $30-40. But I have no idea if they sell a similar jacket now.



              Update the third - I ordered the Kakadu jacket off eBay, as well. Yeah. That's the kind of stupid/impulsive I am.

              Between this, the Barbour, and my incoming J.Crew jacket, I figure one should work. I'll return the others (or flip it, in the case of the used J.Crew).

              And if none of them work, I'll try out the Winslow. Here's hoping I don't fall in love with all three!!

              I'll post pics and further updates as I receive things. At the very least, it should be instructive to have all three in my hands at the same time and compare/contrast quality and so forth.




                So evidently I've been putting way too much thought into this, as last night I dreamed I found a Barbour Bedale in size small for cheap, tried it on, and freaked out when it was too tight.

                In real-life news, I just got an e-mail from J.Crew that they found my Derwent in a size small and will be shipping it to me. Part of me was hoping they wouldn't find it, not only to save the $400 charge on my bank account but also so I didn't have to make the decision of whether to keep it or not.... I guess that same part of me is currently hoping that the size small won't fit.




                  Ben, I suspect you might find the small to be too large unless you're looking to layer underneath (in which case it might be perfect). JC jackets run boxy and large, just like their shirts, at least in my experience.



                    I tried on a XS Winslow in store the other week, and it fit absolutely perfect. Price is a little steep for me right now, but it's an awesome spring/fall jacket. Hopefully you find it to be as agreeable as I did!



                      @ ZachL - Are you a 36R? I've been holding off on trying the Winslow in-person. The last thing I need at the moment is to own FOUR jackets that are all "maybes." Definitely gonna wait until I can wear and compare the first three before I try out the Winslow.




                        Received the J.Crew Millerain field jacket from eBay this afternoon. I was worried it would fit too large but the small is actually a great fit - maybe even a little tight around the hips - and the coat is in like-new condition. Awesome purchase for $70 - I'm glad I took a risk on the seller, who had no selling feedback. I watched similar J.Crew jackets go for $120+ from more reputable sellers.

                        Downsides, of course, are 1. no hood and 2. the material is definitely on the heavy side. Combined with the color it's not really the best jacket for warm, wet weather.

                        I should get the Kakadu on Thursday. The Derwent supposedly shipped today but tracking info hasn't activated. I guess the shipping time will depend in part on where it's coming from, so I have no idea on that.




                          That jacket looks awesome, good fit.



                            well you're not going to have a jacket shortage any more it sounds like. That one looks like a good fall jacket at least -- if it's too heavy for now. Agree with Matt that the fit looks spot on



                              Ben, yes, I'm on the smaller size of 36R. I can fit down to a 34-35R, depending on how generously they are cut. My peacoat is a 34R made by Sterlingwear, and it fits immaculately.

                              I also really want this waxed cotton jacket featured first here, and one was up on SF for a minute last month, but I missed out:

                              That black jacket fits and looks great. My only hesitation is the color as I try to stay as far away from black as possible - too much of my youth was spent in black t-shirts and black hoodies to ever feel the need to wear it again..