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Consistent Style Violations

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    Consistent Style Violations

    There are rules and guidelines and most of us have a tendency to break them.

    My primary style offenses include:

    - Not buttoning suit jacket while standing

    - Not matching socks with whatever it is socks are supposed to be matched with

    - Not showing 1/4 inch cuff at the end of jacket

    - Wearing pink or other coral colors in dead of winter

    - Putting bulging wallet the size of a loaf of bread in my back jeans pocket

    - Wearing muumus to parties where the invitation explicitly requires togas

    I don't know if these are mild misdemeanors or grounds for a long-term style sentence.

    Would be interested to hear from others.


    I just try to wear socks that match with the other neutrals im wearing, and that incorporate a compliment to the bold colors im wearing. Not sure what the real rules are. I break the cuff rule simply because a lot of my new stuff isnt tailored yet. Should be soon though.

    I always button when standing, i haven't really found a situation where it doesn't look better.



      I don't always tuck in shirts that should be tucked in, and hardly ever if I'm wearing jeans.



        1.) cargo shorts (though I'm not going to apologize for it)

        2.) flip flops (see disclaimer above)

        3.) never been to a tailor (yet), and some of my stuff really needs it

        4.) my gigantor wallet with built-in coin pouch (but it's Mont Blanc so I feel compelled to use it)

        ..I'm sure there are others.




          Seems you and I should be less concerned with those plum chinos on sale from LEC and looking for a slim cardholder/money clip! Cargo shorts and flips flops? Guilty as charged. Sometimes weather, circumstance and comfort dictate that you dial down the dress up factor. I've never been to a tailor for anything more than standard pant hemming or reapir yet. Suit seperates might have a stigma attached, but you can get a good fit off the rack if you do your research.



            Never using collar stays. There, I said it.



              @Kittiwake30: I have one by Ben Sherman, and sometimes I use it, but it's not big enough to hold my driver's license, ID badges, and credit cards all at once. Specifically, it's my thick ID badge that it can't handle. Plus, when you own a $400+ wallet (that you paid closer to $50 for), you tend to find ways to justify using it.

              @Kenneth: Is that just a personal choice? Otherwise, it's a really easy fix. At least you know what they are. I've got guys in my department that just think they're little plastic things that come with a shirt that you're supposed to throw away the first time you wear it. :-P



                Yeah, I'd feel a lot better if I didn't have a dogeared piece of crap wallet. We have to wear our ID badges on lanyards so that's simultaneously convenient and ugly.



                  The "no flip-flop" rule bugs me. Especially since it seems to be repeated young urbanites who tend to never leave their city or by people who live in very temperate climates.

                  Anyone who says you can't wear flip-flops to grab some milk at the supermarket in 95 degree weather can go eff themselves.

                  Any lifestyle that involves having to be dressed to the nines at all hours of the day in order to not break the "rules" is not a lifestyle I'm interested in.



                    My big ones:

                    * I topy my dress shoes

                    * I proudly wear flip-flops



                      The no flip-flop rule is a good rule for those of us living in a pedestrian-based city (i.e., NYC). You don't want to see your feet if you wore them out and about for a day. That being said, wear them all you like on vacation, at the lake/beach, etc.

                      I'm not one to judge others on this anyway, although I also don't really care to see your feet that often either.



                        @hornsup84: I'm actually kind of surprised to hear that from a former Austinite.




                          My wife and her voracious credit card-wielding friends are planning their annual pilgrimmage to the US to go clothes shopping. They got their hot little hands on a Forbes list of best shopping destinations and Austin was in the Top 10. I told her of all the great experiences I had in San Antonio and how I always wanted to go to Austin, more for the partying, music scene and to see those bats, but is it really a good shopping destination?

                          To be clear, like most Canadians, she looks for outlet stores where she can purchase women's and kids clothes on the cheap.



                            -Not ironing my shirts. I'm a lazy guy.

                            -Wearing those athletic black socks with about anything. Actually I just need to buy more casual socks.

                            -Wearing those ugly beat-up walking shoes at work. I really need a(nother) new pair of shoes.



                              @Kittiwake30: If you're looking for outlets, then Austin is the place to go if you live anywhere within a 5-hr radius (I can't speak for anyone else, but Texans don't measure distance since everything is so spread out. Instead, we measure time). Anyways, they have 3 seperate outlet malls - two just south of the city and one just north. However, regular retail shopping is probably no better or worse than any other place. Seems like you would have to spend a lot to justify the plane ticket, though.