I'm thinking about picking up a seersucker suit for a few summer weddings I have coming up, and am debating between the Bonobos Charleston (probably in grey) or the J. Crew Ludlow seersucker.

I haven't tried the J. Crew seersucker, but I do like the fit of their Ludlow suits in general. I also like the vest option (not to wear as a three-piece, but to potentially wear separately or just with the pants).


I have a Bonobos suit from last year (before they redesigned everything), and it fits great - BUT I had to get the slim-fit pants (not enough junk in the trunk for their traditional fit), and that's not an option with the seersucker suit. Even with the slim-fit, my tailor had to pretty much entirely remake the derriere-region on the pants (he also tightened up the arms on the jacket, but left pretty much everything else untouched).


Since I'm going for more of a casual look, I'm fine with the fit being a bit looser - but I just wanted to check and see if anyone had any insight into fit differences between the two.


PS - I have close to $400 credit at Bonobos, which would basically cover the suit...but I'm trying to ignore that for the time being.