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    @Jason, Thanks anyways, but I am aware that sadly it seems only luxury brands and premium lines of jeans are made in the USA these days. What I meant was, I just wish Levi's as a whole would still be American rather than only a handful of luxury jeans made in America.



      Absolutely, and the discrepancy ($40 vs $180) is SO vast, that it makes it almost impossible to go American unless you either feel really strongly about it, think it creates a substantial cache, or just have enough money that it doesn't matter.

      Not to mention that fact that I can find the STFs at Kohls, Dillards, or a Levi's Outlet easy enough, but would have to really search to be able to try on one of the American-made pairs.

      It's frustrating.



        Levi's outlets don't carry the raw selvedge?



          Does anyone know what is the difference between the 513 and 514?



            @Jedi I think the 513's are slimmer fitting below the knee, kind of like the 521....but I think the 513 and 514 both sit at the waist and have the same rise (521 is higher rise), and has a fit between the 514 and 511's dimensions above the knee level, basically the 513 are a slimmer version of jeans compared to 514, at least that's what I can gather haha



              I am fairly new to Levi's and ordered a pair of 501's as my first pair of dark denim a few months ago. I like them but was wondering if they made anything which fit similarly through the legs but sat lower on the hips/had a slightly lower rise?



                @JC: Many Levi's mainline stores don't carry the raw selvedge, much less the outlet stores.

                @Dangle: It might be my imagination, but 505s seem to have a slightly lower rise than 501s. Don't hold me to that, though,

                @Rodney: The cost of American labor is too high to get sub-$100 jeans. It's just a reality of life, unless the company is exploiting undocumented workers.