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    Levi's Jeans

    I'm a huge fan of Levi's jeans. IMO for the price you can do no better. They look great and are very durable.

    I've had a pair of 527s for a long time. In that time I've been hitting the gym pretty hard and now my legs and rear end are quite a bit bigger than when I bought my last pair of Levis. I wear a 33x32 and the waist in my current jeans still fits perfectly so I don't want to go up to a 34 waist and be swimming in it.

    Which pair of Levis would you reccomend that gives me a higher rise and a little more room through the thighs? I'm afraid the relaxed fit pairs will look too baggy.


    569!! All day!

    I also have big athletic thighs and the fit is great. The 569 is still a straight leg but gives a little more room in the thigh and seat.

    Dress for style, live for results.



      I could also see going the shrink-to-fit route. Try on sizes until you get the thighs big enough. Then wash and wear them while they dry. The waist will come in an inch or two, but your thighs will keep that area in check. After a few wears, they'll loosen up a bit, and should fit great.

      That's my theory anyway.



        i was also wondering what is the take on 508. and how they compared to 514s. is the only difference the tapering?



          I have a pair of the "Slim Taper" jeans. Mine are labeled 521 but the inside tags all say "slim taper" and they were on the 508 shelf when I bought them. They are a high rise jean, much higher than the 511s/514s that I normally wear. Those should work. I'd also try a pair of 505s, their regular, straight jean. Or maybe a pair of the regular taper jean, the 520? Levi's doesn't offer what the dappered crowd would call a "tappered" fit. I haven't seen a pair of jeans with a leg opening <16".




            Even though 527s are on the larger side on the "fit spectrum" on the levis website, it still lists the seat and thigh as slim fit and I seem to remember feeling some restriction in the thigh when I tried them a long time ago. Have you tried 501s?

            Yea, I don't really think most people need relaxed fit jeans for leg size. I do a lot of squats at the gym and I still fit into my 514s, though they are getting a bit tight.



              I have hockey player thighs, and I like 501 shrink to fits. get the thigh size right, and the waist a couple inches large, and even while the waist shrinks, the thighs will stay stretched out. after a few months of regular wear they are the comfiest jeans I own



                I'm glad to have someone back me up. Thanks, Ben.

                I buy mine with the right waist (big gut, average thighs and waist), wear them in the tub, then wear them the rest of the day while they shrink. I've found it's true that denim stretches a lot over the long run, so getting them "tight" at first means great fit a little bit down the road.



                  Love STFs in 501s. I usually buy a true waist (maybe even a little tight) and +2" on the inseam. I'll try to wear them for a couple weeks before soaking them, too, but of course leave them on to dry after a half hour in the tub. They end up, after the shrink, fitting like a slightly slimmer 501 with give in the right places. It's one of the best good and cheap denim deals out there.

                  So basically what RD said.



                    I'm always a little confused about what people are suggesting in STFs sizing. When you say you buy "a true waist" do you mean you buy your actual waist size, or just what you would wear in non STFs Levis? Levis have big vanity sizing. I wear 30x30s in 514s and have a 32.5 inch waist. If I wanted a pretty trim fit, should I buy 32x32, then wear them while they dry?



                      Levi's definitely have vanity sizing, and the STFs might be worse. By true waist, I mean simply the smallest size that fits. Tons of places carry them, so try them on first. I agree about getting it snug in the waist and wearing it for a while before a soak.



                        If Only They Were Still American!!!



                          These are made in the USA of USA made denim:




                            If only they were still American . . . they'd be $178.

                            I'd be interested in knowing the least expensive American-made jeans available today.



                              I'm guessing it's those. Places like Imogene + Willie are going to be more expensive.