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******Bought EEE shoes

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    ******Bought EEE shoes

    I mentioned in another thread that I got some AEs at a very good price. While on eBay this morning reviewing an item I am selling I looked at the shoes again. From the photos they are in great shape but there is a problem. The shoes are EEE. Of course I can not return them, so what can I do to make sure they fit. I haven't received them yet. I always buy D width shoes. Is there anything a cobbler can do? Are there special inserts I can buy?

    I can't believe I didn't notice the width in the ad. It was in the title. I feel so dumb.


    If the price was that good you could always try to flip them.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      Have you tried insoles? If they're just a little loose at the sides they might do the trick. just by pushing your foot higher up in the shoe.



        I haven't received them yet so I haven't tried anything. I was just wondering what others have done in a similar situation.



          Assuming you bought them on eBay, why can't you return them?



            What size r they? I wear eee lol. Pics?



              They are pre-owned



                @tat The size is 8.5 EEE



                  Why would the fact that they are pre-owned prevent you from returning it to the eBay seller?

                  (Unless I'm misunderstanding the situation entirely and you bought them somewhere other than eBay.)



                    O sorry can't take em off ur hands. I wear 10 eee.



                      @Chareth. The seller has the option to not accept returns; unless they are a store. Stores must accept returns from what I gather on the eBay policy. I contacted the seller and I can return the item if it doesn't fit, but I would like to see what options are out there to make them fit if the fit is close.



                        @bremersm: EEE is really wide, wider in girth than you might be expecting. You can try actually doubling the socks with the inner sock being a thicker, non-dressy kind (like the Smartwool socks). Though you may look like you've got cankles... On top of that, add a thin insole like the Superfeet low volume insole (black) or something similar, and you may be able to wear them.

                        At a store I tried on a pair of Delray's (split-toe bluchers) in 7.5D that fit snug and didn't pinch my toes. A Brannock device measures my feet at a 7.5EE on one foot and an 8E on the other foot (heel to ball distance is longer than the other foot). They had no E width shoes in 7.5D so I couldn't compare how they fit and I certainly wasn't going to pay retail price for them.

                        They did, however, have a 7EEE in the Delray and it was clearly too wide (though it felt comfortable): with the laces pulled together as much as possible, the vamps were touching one another and I could still have used some more tightening on the laces.

                        With all that said, my first pair of AEs I bought were a used pair of 8.5E Sanford's (blucher)--too long and too wide. I've found that a single Superfeet black insole actually does a decent job. It's loose and roomy, but actually quite comfortable.

                        I haven't quite nailed down the fit on AEs. I'm all over the board: Sanford 8.5E, Strand 7.5E, Bradley 7.5D



                          @Runners n jeans. That is a wealth of information. I will try the insoles before I take them to a cobbler and see what if anything they can do. Worst case I return them and start my loafer search over.



                            @ Chareth - A lot of sellers of pre-owned items will not accept returns unless the item deviates substantially from their description. There really isn't enough profit in selling used stuff on eBay to be able to be able to ship things multiple times.

                            As a buyer, your only option for a "return" would be to file a complaint with the seller, which I think would be pretty unethical in this case.

                            I think the best option would be to wait and see if they fit. Wear 'em around, see if there's too much slip, or if an insole will alleviate the problem. Since they are already used, wearing them around a bit isn't going to depreciate their value. If you can't make them work, flip 'em. You might lose a little money but not too much - just suck it up and take it as a lesson learned.

                            [Edit] I saw that your seller will accept returns. Even if that's an option, you might consider flipping them anyway - if you aren't selling on eBay yet or are just starting, it will be a transaction you can add to your positive feedback record. Up to you.




                              BenR thanks. There is a really good cobbler in town that seems to do good work.