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    J Crew Factory Suit

    Hey guys, many of you are aware that the J Crew Factory suit that Joe did a review of is on a ridiculous sale. I'm close to grabbing it but I wanted to check with you all first that this suit can be pulled off with brown shoes. It seems pretty dark, but what are your thoughts?


    IMO its darker in person then it is online. I'm typically between a 36 and 38 on sizing. I ordered the 38 and returned it for color/size purposes. Jacket was way too big.

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      @tdig And sadly the 38 is their smallest size.



        I've worn my suit with dark brown oxfords and it looked magnificent. I've also worn it with black shoes, which is probably the most common.



          Does anyone here where long sizes? I know I'm a 40L and most 40R's are too short...but I heard the FACTORY suit runs big? I'm considering ordering this since it's so cheap right now but I don't want to order something too small as a 40R...



            They look great with burgundy AE's. Not sure if that helps but that's what I have done and was very please with it.



              Wearing mine here at work right now. It falls somewhere between dark charcoal and black, so not sure about brown shoes, such coordination isn't my forte. It looks good with both my black Park Avenues and walnut Strands IMO. Great value for the money. Super comfortable, versatile, great fit off the rack and drapes really nicely. You won't mistake it for a higher end suit, but it's a real soldier. Great suit to have in your rotation. I wouldn't call the fit big per se, but it's not tailored either.



                Is there a comparable fit in the J.Crew retail stores that I can go & try out before I place an order?

                I have a J. Crew store near me but a Factory store is an hour away atleast



                  @Pitt - I usually wear a 46L and I ordered a 46R. I'll update the thread when it gets in. If it fits large, I might exchange it for a 44L.



                    I pulled the trigger on one of these. I hope the fit is good, my nearest Factory store is miles away.



                      Didn't someone on here post that it fits similar to their ludlow line?

                      I just ordered the 38R and I'm hoping it'll fit. I usually float around 36-38 depending on the brand.

                      I tried to find it at my factory store, but they didn't have shit there. Was a waste of an hour ride.



                        I don't know that I'd call it between a dark charcoal and black; it's exactly what a dark charcoal typically looks like.

                        It should go fine with a pair of dark brown shoes, dark being the key here. The lapel is a bit slim for my tastes, but many people like that style these days.

                        The only other thing to note is that it tends to wrinkle and then tends to hold onto those wrinkles longer since it's not pure wool.



                          @DanOlympia thanks for the info, I think I'm gonna go ahead and order the 40R and try my's about time I ordered a nice suit since my last one was well before I discovered this site haha.....I think it'd look pretty sharp with dark brown shoes btw, I'd avoid lighter shades of brown though if it's as dark as described by others



                            Almost made an impulsive buy on that suit at 2:00am last night but I passed.

                            In one of the comments on one of his reviews, Joe says that the 38R fits him perfectly and he's something like 5'10" 160+lbs, and yet another guy commented that he's 5'4" 135lbs and the 38R fit him perfectly--what???

                            Having tried on the Ludlow in 36S and 38S, I had to pass on this one even though that suit price is ridiculously good.



                              I'm a 36R - same height as Joe (5'9") but about 20 lbs lighter, and I consistently wear a size smaller than he does. If a medium works for him, usually a small will work for me... if a 38, then a 36, if a 40, then a 38, and so on.

                              The fact that he wears a 38R in the Thompson suiting tells me that it's definitely not going to work for me, and probably not for anyone else who's usually a 36, either. Sounds like the fit is somewhere between Ludlow and Aldridge, probably leaning toward Ludlow. I.e., slim, but not as slim as a lot of people might be expecting.