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Wrist wear on the cheap?

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    Wrist wear on the cheap?

    The loading up of wrists has been trending for a little while now (see below) and I've been digging the look and the adoption of accessories to add more dimension and color, but have had trouble finding very cheap spots for wood, leather and braided wristwear. Seem to have exhausted the thrift stores (barely anything) and checked etsy/online shops. Anyone have any secrets? May just have to make some of my own?

    Street Etiquette

    Kanye at Coachella


    i like the look, just dont OD. The guys from street ettiquette usually pick thiers up off the street vendors. You can find some ok ones at AE.

    "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"






        i'm shocked you couldn't find anything on etsy. I work in Harlem, but even the street vendors up there can't compare in price and selection to etsy. I can point you in the direction of some cool sellers on there if you would like.

        I also love my Corter Leather bracelet. It was $20, but I know I will wear it forever.

        I agree with MaxMan, less is more. I usually wear one or two bracelets, plus my watch, wedding ring, and a tie bar. That is enough jewelry for me.



          I have three bracelets from UO (Urban Outfitters). They were all pretty cheap, like 5 or 10 bucks or something like that. I wear a once neon green sailors knot bracelet, a black hemp with bone piece on my right, and a hemp and leather contraption on my left. Underneath I have the cloth from a tag that is blue and white stripes that I liked and tied it together around my wrist.

          These bracelets don't come off me. They are always on, they have become a part of me, and will be until they break. There is one exception, and this is if I'm doing crack climbing (that is where you stick your hands, fingers, arms, body, etc. into cracks in the rock face and makes jams by expanding said part). Bracelets tend to get in the way then.



            Thanks for the responses. Definitely agree that the pictures were overdone, just picked to show the variety. Certainly I've been overly picky trying to accumulate them very cheaply. Chris if you have a couple etsy sellers in mind I'd love to see them. That site can be a beast to navigate for a non specific like "bracelet". Anyone else feel free to toss in their ideas



              Here are three etsy sellers with good, cheap bracelets:

              Bracelet Market