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Shoes for a Golf Tournament

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    Shoes for a Golf Tournament

    I know there was a Masters thread a few weeks ago but did not see anything mentioned about shoes. What should I wear with a white polo and grey/white striped seersucker pants? I need something comfortable as there will be lots of walking.


    I wore Sperry Gold Cup loafers for my day at The Masters, and was perfectly comfortable after a full day of walking the course.



      Spectators, bucks, or saddle shoes would be my recommendation.... I desperately want these:



        Jason's picks are the most proper, although maybe not comfort-wise. I'd look for some bucks with rubber soles.



          I have a BB seersucker suit coming... those spectators would look awesome with it. Someone send me some!



            Mmm... Broadstreet... *drool*



              I am not lloking to drop $200+. I need something super comfy though since there will be lots of walking.



                Since "comfy" is the main concern, how about these:,default,pd.html?cid=410&cgid=men

                Its walking, since when do we need a special kind of "comfy" shoe for walking?



                  @Hardrain no Crocs. It is not that I need a special pair of shoes but more so I don't think I have the right shoes. Right now I only have: Black dress shoes, Brown Chukkas, AE Loafers, ratty sneakers, Sperry Top Siders, and flip flops. None of these seem like they will be comfortable for the amount of walking I will be doing.



                    I can attest to RHStansbury's Sperry Gold Cup suggestion. I love my Gold Cup 2 eyelet boat shoes. Suuuuper comfy. Hard to find them under $100 unless they're on sale/clearance, though.

                    As for specific options...

                    Lots of color combos here. Most are scary, but navy/blue could be fun and tan/navy is nice (maybe not with your specific outfit, though):


                    In the same vein, I like these, too:


                    The inverse of the one directly above (in loden suede/chili):


                    Not as much a fan of bucks in general (boring to me), but these fit the bill:


                    A Hush Puppy pebble-ish/suede saddle option (distressed toe is questionable):


                    Or go grey/white from head to toe except with red on the soles of your feet (probably not as versatile down the road):


                    Or if you can't decide on a single style, how about a saddle wingtip? (Couldn't resist. Too funky. Pursue at your own risk.)


                    All the Last Call shoes are 40% if you use the coupon code available on the website. It brings them in under the Nordstrom prices. I listed a lot of stuff, but it's far frmo exhaustive.



                      Alan, awesome. Thanks a bunch.



                        I like this option that Alan suggested.


                        I may be biased because I own shoes very similar to that and wear them all the time. I also own these:


                        In brown/dark brown. A subtle saddle.